NORWEGIAN WOOD I BOOK REVIEW I HARUKI MURAKAMI I Favourite Quotes and Why it is a must read 🙃😍
Video / September 29, 2020

Hello My Loves! This is a book review of NORWEGIAN WOOD by HARUKI MURAKAMI!This includes some of my favourite characters and quotes from the book! If you are new to my channel !WELCOME !! So glad you found me ! This is Sandhya , you can call me sandy! I make new videos every week to the best of my abilities on self care, motivation and anything that encourages happiness and personal growth. This video is NOT SPONSORED. The link is an affiliate link. NORWEGIAN WOOD : If this is Santa watching ! Here is my Wishlist 🙂 Other Favourites :- Tuesdays with Morrie: Outliers : Tipping Point: Men without Women: How to be a BAWSE: How to Win friends and Influence people: TO kill a mocking bird : The secret: Losing my Virginity: Battlefield of the Mind: The Power of Positive Thinking : If you like my work , then dont just sit on your fluffy ass! DO SOMETHING! come say “hii” in the comment section below or SUBSCRIBE , but most importantly when you finish watching any video on my channel PROMISE that you will try…

When We Were Young and Brave by Hazel Gaynor (Book Review/Spoiler Free)
Video / September 28, 2020

A Threeler of When We Were Young and Brave by Hazel Gaynor (Book Review/Spoiler Free) This is going to be the first non-thriller/mystery novel that I would be reviewing but I have mentioned before to my other Social Media Accounts that I am open to reviewing other genres as well. The only thing that will be constant is that I will be reviewing the novels in 3 minutes or less. The novel was set during World War 2. Elspeth Kent is a teacher in China (Chefoo School) who wants to go back home to England to help with the war effort but all of her plans were changed because of the the sudden oppression of the Japanese in the country. But it isn’t just her whose life has changed. Even the young Nancy Plummer, who is a student at the same school that Elspeth is teach at, has to face the horrible reality of the war. This is the first Hazel Gaynor novel that I have and thank you Harper Collins and William Morrow for providing an ARC, if it wasn’t for your kindness I won’t be able to read this magnificently written novel. This is a historical fiction that…

Book Review By Nidhi Tiwari :Pokhran a Novel by Uday Singh| must read book |Pokhran |Uday Singh
Video / September 24, 2020

Book – Pokhran Author – Uday Singh Publication – Srishti In the starting of the book, a brief description of Pokhran is given where the India’s first nuclear test has taken place. That mission was successful in the history of India. The story then moves to the main protagonist Chaitanya who was born a year after the nuclear testing. He was born with disabilities but because of his father he was able to do a lot of things in his life. Although his father was harsh to him most of the time and didn’t shower a lot of love to him but he gifted him the most precious things like mechanical arm and computer without which he might not be able to achieve such greater heights in his life. The story moves forward with the story of Chaitanya. The story of the book is very engaging and written in very simple language. It includes love, fear, suspense, a little thrill, loss, care and many emotional twist and turns. I was so engaged that I finished this book in one go. The way of narration of story is the best thing that I loved about this book. The title of the…

The First to Lie- Book Review
Video / September 20, 2020

My next review will be on Atomic Love which was my Book of the Month choice. Want to get a copy and read before my next review? If you join Book of the Month and use my code below, I will get a free book, which is amazing AND means more reviews here:) Atomic Love- Let’s Chat On: Instagram: Good Reads:

Top 5 reasons to read ASURA || Anand Neelakantan || Book Review by Sowjanya Roy
Video / September 13, 2020

#Asura #BookReview #AnandNeelakantan Gear up to experience “Ravanayana ” a different take on what we had known so far .Book review by Sowjanya Roy on the very famous “Asura – Tale of the vanquished ” by Anand Neelakantan. Link to order the book – Asura: About Our Channel : Kalaapedia – A one-stop platform for the cultural extravaganza. Celebrating Kala and Kalakars. Reviving the hidden talent & an attempt to create memories out of leisure. – “Kindle Your Kalaa “” Kalakars: Pritam Roy, Payel Roy, Prajnaa Roy, Prachi Jaisinghani, Sudarsan Das & Sowjanya Roy Our Official Trailer : Playlist Links : Kalaapedia Videos Songs & Music: Book Reviews : Poem / Poetry : Cooking : Thank you for watching our channel, stay tuned & continue to support. Do like comment, share & subscribe to our channel and continue to show your love.

Range by David Epstein | One Minute Book Review
Video / September 10, 2020

An interesting book that debunks the idea of the ‘10,000’ hour rule. A research heavy book but one that will fascinate you if you a feeling behind the curve. Thank you for watching this video. If you would like to join the #OMBRClub for exclusive content such as our Weekly Newsletter. Sign Up here – Website – Instagram – Facebook – iTunes – Spotify –

Jon Fosse – The Other Name (Septology I-II) – Book Review
Video / September 4, 2020

Taking a look at The Other Name (Septology I-II) by Jon Fosse, with readings by Silje Silje’s channel Bonus story by Bjørgvin Eddie: ——————– Goodreads: Twitter: Instagram: Email:

A compilation of book reviews #5- Sample text
Video / September 3, 2020

You know, the thing. Patreon: Twitter: goodreads: Subreddit:

Book review #എച്ച്മുക്കുട്ടി
Video / September 3, 2020

ഏറെ ചർച്ച ചെയ്യപ്പെട്ട എച്ച്മുക്കുട്ടിയുടെ ആത്മകഥ ‘ഇതെന്റെ രക്തമാണിതെന്റെ മാംസമാണെടുത്തു കൊള്ളുക’ എന്ന പുസ്തകത്തിന് ഒരു Review

Book Review: Амжилт, Хөдөлмөр, Тууштай байдлаар өөрийгөө чимсэн бизнес эрхлэгч бүсгүйн ном
Video / August 26, 2020

“How to be Overnight Success” and “How to make it happen” by Maria Hatzistefanis📚 Зах зээл дээр ханасан бүтээгдэхүүн гаргах гэж байгаа тул хөрөнгө оруулагчид татгалзсан төслөө өөрөө эхлүүлж, арван найман жил хөдөлмөрлөсний хүчинд дэлхийн 35 гаруй улсад, 2000 гаруй борлуулах цэгтэй болтол нь хөгжүүлж чадсан, гайхалтай эмэгтэйн бичсэн, шилдэг борлуулалттай анхны ном болон шинэхэн хэвлэгдсэн хоёр дахь номын тухай бичлэг орлоо. Бие даан бизнес эхлүүлэх гэж буй, эсвэл удаан бодож явсан санаагаа хэрэгжүүлэхдээ үргэлж шалтаг хайн хойшлуулдаг, байгаа газраа гацсан мэт явдаг, түүнийгээ өөрчилмөөр байгаа бол уншихад илүүдэхгүй ном. Англи хэлтэй бол подкастыг нь бас сонсоорой💕 Chansy with Love&Respect

What`s Tea? Keesha Anderson Book Review…. the real TEA!
Video / August 20, 2020

What’s Tea my loves??? Purchase Custom Jewelry on IG @Garishgalore Follow My personal IG @___nasiaaa (3 underscores) Follow My business page @whatsteacompany Shop with me! Send all business inquiries to

The House Guest by Mark Edwards – Book Review and Chat
Video / August 16, 2020

Get your copy of The House Guest here!- *FYI- this is my affiliate link, meaning if you purchase your book from this link I will get a small commission!* AKA I GREATLY appreciate if you order from this link! 🙂 Let’s Chat On: Instagram: Good Reads:

Video / August 7, 2020

Heya! Welcome to the first Prospect Book Club July Book Review! Prospect Book Score: 0:00 Intro 0:42 Book 1: Where The Crawdads Sing – Delia Owens 3:54 Book 2: Recursion – Blake Crouch 6:08 Book 3: Dark Matter – Blake Crouch 7:45 Book 4: Stories of Your Life and Others – Ted Chiang 9:20 Book 5: Oryx and Crake – Margaret Atwood 10:26 Book 6: Brave New World – Aldous Huxley 12:16 Book 7: Fahrenheit 451 – Ray Bradbury August Reading List: 1. Don Quixote 2. Handmaid’s Tale 3. The Testament 4. To Kill a Mocking Bird 5. The Idiot 6. Crime and Punishment ———————————— 👨‍⚕️Who am I? Hello, my name is Jimmy and I am a 4th year Canadian medical student. 📸Follow me on Instagram! 🎶 Where do I get music for my videos? Epidemic Sounds ———————————— 🎥 Check out my other videos How to stop procrastinating Study Techniques I Swear by as a Medical Student How I completely Focus When I study How I got a 4.0 Using Active Recall How I find the motivation to study My High School To Medical School Pathway in Canada 8 HOUR Study With Me 5 HOUR Study With…

Book Review. Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania, IAS. Helpful for WBCS, WBAAS and all PSCWB exam prep
Video / August 5, 2020

Playlist link: Facebook page link: Amazon link for book purchase: This is a very good well written book on Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania Sir, IAS. This book has been specifically designed for UPSC examination but is very helpful for the study of WBCS, WBA&AS and all other PSCWB exams. Book review on Indian Economy by Nitin Singhania who is also the author of the very popular book WBCS General Studies Manual. This channel have been made with the purpose of fulfilling your dreams of becoming a WBCS Officer or other High Status West Bengal Government jobs like WBAAS, etc. WBCS Preparation. #bookreviewonindianeconomy #indianeconomybynitinsinghania #wbcs #wbaas #winningwingstutorial #wbcsonline #pscwbonline #wbcsmains2020 #wbcs2021 #bookreview

The Shadows by Alex North – Book Review and Chat
Video / July 23, 2020

Book Chat for those who have read starts at 7:01 Get your copy of The Shadows here!- Get your copy of the sister book The Whisper Man here!- *FYI- this is my affiliate link, meaning if you purchase your book from this link I will get a small commission!* Let’s Chat On: Instagram: Good Reads: