Video / May 22, 2020

BIG MAGIC | CREATIVE LIVING BEYOND FEAR | BOOK REVIEW AND SUMMARY Disclaimer: I do not mean to offend any character or real people mentioned in this video, this video is just for entertainment purpose. Business Inquiry: or Contact Haseeb: 03094027375 Check out cool khujLee Merch: follow us on: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – https://www.instagram/khujlee_family Follow Awesamo Follow Haseeb email us for brand promotion

GET PRODUCTIVE: Deep Work Book Review
Video / April 23, 2020

When it comes to getting things done, there are just times, days, weeks, or even in months when you can’t seem to focus on the important things at work. Getting distracted in this digital-internet-heavy world can consume our time with the most useless of mundane things. Checking Facebook, answering to emails left and right, responding to messages in an instant are just a few of the struggles that we modern people face. So how do we actually do more and be productive? This book, the Deep Work by Cal Newport talks us through the mindset and ways on how we can get things done and have that focus to be more productive. In this video I’ll give you an overview about the book, and what I love about Newport’s methodology, and how it helped me do my own deep focus in accomplishing tasks and big projects at hand. ********************************************* 👉Want more cool tools to optimize your life and work? Grab my FREE definitive toolkit: *******FUEL YOUR MIND WITH THESE BOOKS******* Listen to me on the go and discover your potential with my UNTAPPED Podcast: Learn how you can redesign your business to earn more, work less, and…

Video / January 18, 2020

1-Page PDF Summary: Book Link: Video animation of the big ideas I gathered from Adam Grant’s book ‘Originals’. For more videos please subscribe and follow me on twitter: @nlozeron A Lozeron Academy Inc. production.

Lit chat – Nadja by André Breton – book ‘review’
Video / November 13, 2019

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