Book Review: Hush, Hush
Video / February 13, 2020

Hai! sorry the camera quality is horrible. I should buy a new one to record with, but thanks for watching and like if you want to see more! This is my first book review and this is by far my favorite video idea. I like to read. It’s as simple as that. Also, thank you so much! We’re almost to 200 subscribers! The book “Hush, Hush” is by Becca Fitzpatrick. My Cuz:

IS NINTH HOUSE WORTH THE HYPE? | Book Review & Discussion
Video / November 3, 2019

A spoiler free the review for Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo! Is that this book well worth the hype? Let us talk! #bookreview #ninthhouse NINTH HOUSE Studying VLOG NOVEMBER TBR You’ll find me on social networking: Twitter: Personal Instagram: https://world wide Bookstagram: https://world wide Goodreads: https://world wide Amazon . com wishlist: https://world wide . Hi! I’m Michelle! I am 23 years of age, My home is holland and that i love exactly what is due to books and studying. I make video’s here on my small funnel Books Michelle. I think you’ll enjoy my video’s! For business queries

Gideon the Ninth Book Review
Video / October 26, 2019

Gideon Nav has spent her entire existence attempting to escape the Ninth House, simply to be foiled again and again by Harrowhark Nonagesimus, Reverend Daughter from the Ninth House and effective necromancer. A swordswoman herself, Gideon is really a formidable opponent, however when a summons originates from the Emperor, both of these opponents-from-the-cradle must try to interact and win challenging, one where all nine houses compete to determine the futures of the worlds. Interact with us: @ConquerBooks @Conquer_Books Twitter @RebeccaZornow & @NicoleVanDenEng

NINTH HOUSE | spoiler-free book review.
Video / October 9, 2019

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Book Review: The Last Unicorn (feat. Peter S. Beagle)
Video / August 21, 2019

PATREON: http://world wide TWITTER: EDITOR: SlideThistle: https://world wide NARRATOR: Red Angel: https://world wide ARTISTS: Dragonfoxgirl: Mad Buns: MUSIC: So It Begins by Artificial.Music Creative Commons — Attribution 3. Unported— CC BY 3. Music promoted by Audio Library Get The LAST UNICORN: Book: https://world wide . Movie: Comic: https://world wide .

Wicked Saints | Book Review / Rant [Spoilers]
Video / August 14, 2019

I honestly thought I sitting lower to speak for ten minutes however i guess I finished up ranting for that better a part of an hour or so so uh… have fun with that. (You are able to really see the point where I lost my chill lol oops) ——- Social Networking ——- Twitter: Instagram: https://world wide NaNoWriMo: Goodreads: https://world wide Curious Cat: Primary YouTube: https://world wide Personal Instagram: Personal Twitter: ——- Get In Touch ——- Business email: ——- MUSIC ——- Ibrahim – Glittering Citrus Sunset (foot. Ryce) ——- OTHER——- Amazon . com Book Wishlist (Future Hauls & TBR) (please be aware this isn’t a request anybody to buy or send me these books!) #WickedSaints

Skyward – by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review
Video / July 27, 2019

Here’s my the review for Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, his new Youthful Adult SciFi series! Tell me that which you considered it, and for those who have a popular Sanderson book/series! (Mine may be the Stormlight Archive) Buy Skyward (using my affiliate link helps the funnel): Credit links to any or all the astonishing fanart (artists are linked within this Google Drive folder): Sanderson’s Short-Story within the same world (spoilers…kinda): My written review: https://world wide My Etsy Shop: https://world wide How you can offer the funnel: Amazon . com Affiliate link: Amazon . com wishlist: https://world wide . Book Depository Affiliate Link: http://world wide Wish to send me something? Here’s my PO Box: PO BOx 21085 Polson Po Vernon, BC V1T 9T7 (inform me in advance and so i know to determine the PO box) How to locate me: GoodReads: https://world wide Instagram: https://world wide Twitter: @Taken_Words

‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Book 4: Prince Caspian’ – Fantasy Book Review
Video / July 27, 2019

‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ – The Review – Friday Fantasy Show – Episode 217. The Canned Imp plunges deep right into a civil war once we check out ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian’ is presented by C. S. Lewis and it was first printed in 1951 by Geoffrey Bles. Before starting this wondrous adventure that’s the Canned Imp, after i considered the giants of fantasy literature, I figured ‘The Lord from the Rings’, ‘The Hobbit’, and ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, however i realized which i hadn’t read all the Narnia novels. Why was that? Not necessarily sure but it may be since one book from the seven within the series will get a lot more attention and love the rest. ‘The Lion, the Witch and also the Wardrobe’ is probably the most known, with assorted TV and movie adaptations produced through the years. And So I thought it better to explore all the books within the series. Which to see first? That needs to be easy, right? Not too! Inside the realms of readers, there’s two good ways. The first is studying them within their original publication dates, another strategy is chronological order. Why so much interest…