Video / November 1, 2019

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Mat Best – Thank You For My Service | Book Review by Donny O’Malley
Video / August 28, 2019

This book includes a greater possibility to influence American culture than any American book since “How to win buddies and influence people.” I understand that sounds just a little crazy, but let me explain… To begin with, I shouldn’t discount the a large number of American’s who’ve influenced our country by writing books about military, business, research, innovation, education, literature, entertainment, community, and much more… I believe we all can agree this country has numerous books compiled by incredible people who’ve were built with a great affect on society. The main difference is, it does not matter what books these incredible Americans wrote, youthful American guys are likely to watch movies online and browse tales, (and for that reason be most affected by) badass, gunfighting heroes. Pad Best embodies the badass-gunfighting-American hero but additionally embodies the savvy, industrious, American entrepreneur, caring community builder, loving friend, and gifted performer. There are many other men who’ve done incredible things for America, but when it normally won’t possess the endearment of generation x of youthful Americans, they’re not going to possess the influence. Mat’s book will pull them along with the entertainment which has shown to carry the attention of youthful people, (badassery,…