Ikigai Book Review | Know Japanese Secret To Happiness || Motivational Book | Natalia Suri.
Video / October 31, 2020

Here, I am sharing the BOOK REVIEW OF IKIGAI, THE JAPANESE FORMULA TO HAPPINESS. What is the importance of IKIGAI in a person’s life? And how to find happiness in life. ============================================================ My sessions with FRANCESC MILLARES. Session 1- About his personal life. – https://youtu.be/I4YxZ0uyoGw Session 2- Writing Tips by Francesc Millares. – https://youtu.be/FUdSU8L0_cU =========================================================== Do check out my video- ON BOOKS. BOOK REVIEW OF THINK LIKE A MONK HOW DIFFERENT IS IT FROM THE LAW OF ATTRACTION BOOKS- 5 Books on Hinduism and Hindu Philosophy Check Out My Video – WHY CHETAN BHAGAT SELLS IN SPITE OF MILLIONS OF DISLIKES- https://youtu.be/T095cz6WiE8 Know the UNKNOW FACTS ABOUT AGATHA CHRISTIE WHAT ARE THE TECHNIQUES SHE UTILIZED IN HER BOOKS- https://youtu.be/e49yezyGmWY (Series1) https://youtu.be/9YyIIzXg-fc ( Series 2 ) ============================================================ BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS- 5 books that will make you a millionaire- https://youtu.be/SFzMDwI283Y 5 books on the CRAFT OF WRITING- https://youtu.be/wF_zQi3p3So 5 Thrillers by Indian Authors- https://youtu.be/4AQl-tBbJQM 5 Psychological Thrillers You Must Read- https://youtu.be/2oGhYINe6I8 5 Conspiracy Thrillers Based In Christianity – https://youtu.be/6K4kAZutCvg ============================================================ Do check out my video on – What is Tantra and Tantriks- In Conversation with Tantrik Shivani Durga- https://youtu.be/YOJCDIx_UYA Wicca- MY MEETING WITH A REAL LIFE WITCH IN SOUTH DELHI AND MY PERSONAL…

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty | English | Book Review | The Book Show
Video / September 14, 2020

Jay Shetty is a motivational speaker,an Influencer and a YouTube sensation. He has released his first ever book ‘Think like a Monk’ which has turned out to be the Best Seller in Amazon India, UK, Canada and Australia and even the number two best seller at United States of America. This video will reveal all his secrets as a former monk .

My First Book Review!!! – Teen & YA
Video / June 22, 2020

If you’re looking for a light hearted teen and YA Summer read then Open Road Summer by Emery Lord is perfect. With themes of romance, grief and friendship, Open Road Summer is perfect for everyone! I’d give this a 4.5/5. I just couldn’t put it down! This is my first book review and I’m hoping to do many more! I’d love to become a BookTuber so if anyone has any recommendations of any books they like or they’d like to be reviewed, leave them in the comments below. Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe if you enjoyed the video 🙂 Follow my socials: Instagram: @jesswadey Twitter: @JessW2020

Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes | Book Review
Video / April 20, 2020

Teen & YA book review on Holly Bourne’s Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes. At first I was sceptical as this isn’t my usual genre of book but I really loved it! I’d give it a 4/5 star as the storyline was very easy to follow but I didn’t understand the need for some points and some of the points of the book were not discussed into the depth and detail I’d hoped. Remember to like, comment and subscribe so you never miss another video! It follows Olive who doesn’t want to know her diagnosis and is sent to Camp Reset. She makes some great friendships and learns a lot about herself. It discusses different mental health issues and how they can be handled and how they can possibly come about in the first place. It has definitely taught me a thing or two about mental health. If you’re looking for a lighthearted read with themes of mental health, friendship and romance then this is definitely for you! Follow my socials: Twitter – @JessW2020 Instagram – @jesswadey

The Help | Book Review | Sienna and Marlana
Video / October 17, 2019

Marlana shares her ideas around the Assist in this The Review. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! http://small.cc/SiennaAndMarlanaSubscribe Also please comment below and say hi therefore we can shout to you. Convey More Fun with Sienna and Marlana: Our web site is not far off!!! If you want to be the first one to know whenever we get our special edition inventory and launch new items, you’ll be able to join our list https://mailchi.mp/fd7facd05510/siennaandmarlanasubscribe Amazon . com & Ebay Storefront for products we like https://siennaandmarlanasuggest.freshstores.co Follow Us on Instagram and find out daily photos in our travel, inspiration, and everyday existence! INSTAGRAM https://world wide web.instagram.com/siennaandmarlana/ EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION http://small.cc/SiennaAndMarlanaEmail YOUNOW https://world wide web.younow.com/siennaandmarlana/funnel YOUTUBE http://small.cc/SiennaAndMarlanaSubscribe TWITTER https://twitter.com/siennaanmarlana FACEBOOK https://world wide web.facebook.com/SiennaAndMarlana/ PINTEREST https://world wide web.pinterest.nz/siennaandmarlana/ SNAPCHAT Not TIKTOK Not About Sienna and Marlana Posting pretty much every week, you will see us travel on holidays, and share things along with you about Nz where we live, and England, France, Australia, and America where we’ve travelled. Come along in certain fun! Have a look once we vlog teen existence, our favourite moments, challenge ourselves with things we’ve never done before, and revel in existence. Whenever we use a trip, spend more time with us or come…

Wim Hof – Becoming The Iceman (Book Review + Cold Training)
Video / September 22, 2019

The review of Wim Hof’s first book: “Becoming The Iceman I Pushing Past Perceived limitations.” Affiliate Links: Becoming The Iceman I Pushing Past Perceived Limits: https://amzn.to/2UmBoFW Get The First Book Free With Audible! http://affiliates.audiobooks.com/tracking/scripts/click.php?a_aid=5c71f028d2b3e Wim Hof’s Fundamentals Video Course: https://world wide web.wimhofmethod.com/fundamentals-video-course-introduction?tap_a=24315-f78a22&tap_s=81674-f4f31c Wim Hof’s 10 week course: https://world wide web.wimhofmethod.com/elearning/10-week-video-course?tap_a=11734-206e82&tap_s=81674-f4f31c Find out more about the Wim Hof Method: https://world wide web.youtube.com/watch?v=0v6SUYGzQV8&list=PL18tH4uH5qY9bQZ1y1HvmhNfTnKR2v44B Blog: 10 Advantages Of Cold Water: http://kylejmyers.com/10-benefits-cold-water/ Becoming The Iceman Full The Review: http://kylejmyers.com/wim-hof-becoming-the-iceman-book-review/ Here is perfect for individuals individuals which have received value from watching my videos and also support my work. Making these videos takes considerable time and and I am incredibly appreciative to individuals individuals that can lead. Thanks 🙏 http://kylejmyers.com/donate/ SUBSCRIBE for brand new VIDEOS! WEBSITE: world wide web.kylejmyers.com INSTAGRAM: kylejmyers FACEBOOK: https://m.facebook.com/MyersSelfDevelopment/?ref=bookmarks EMAIL: KyleMyersCoaching@gmail.com