21 Youtube Video Marketing Secrets
Uncategorized / September 26, 2018

Author : BJ Min’ Language : English Ebook Format : PDF Description :   Table of Contents : Introduction How to Rank Your Video on the Search Results Video to List to Offer Strategy Work on Your Mindset Before You Do Videos Imagine You’re Talking to Your Best Friend What to Talk About in Your Videos How to Speak On and On WITHOUT a Script How to Beat Your Competition on YouTube in the Long Run What Camera to Use Do Face to Face Videos Mix Up Your Videos Have a Call to Action 80% Value to 20% Pitch Video Ratio Be Exclusive in Your Videos Have Multiple Channels Use Multiple Platforms Target One Keyword Per Video Put Your Keyword in Title, Description, and Tags Put Your Website at the Top of Description Save Your Video as Keyword.mp4 Do the 90 Day Video Challenge Just Do It Now Conclusion