Video / March 25, 2020

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The Little Book of Common Sense Investing Book Review | John C. Bogle
Video / February 10, 2020

The little book about investing by John C bogle, and one thing I want to say before I tell you guys the main three nuggets to these books. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ The Little Book of Common Sense Investing Book Review | John C. Bogle 1. For the first Nugget ( the overall idea of the Book is to compare investing strategies ) – Investing in Individual Stocks – Investing with high fee/high turn over Mutual Funds – Investing with low-cost index funds Example: Individual investing – Everyone has probably heard about tesla and how the stock went up in price – A lot of people that call themselves investors went and bought some, just because they heard its good – Now the stock went down and they sold and lost money, but don’t know what happened. The idea is: to do this type of investing, you need to understand how to analyze a business vs its stock market valuation. So you basically have to find a business with more value than what the market is giving them. – Which takes warren buffer around 5-8 hours of reading every day, to invest in 1-3 companies per year. ( so it’s…

Smart Investing: Book Review of The Wealthy Barber
Video / January 5, 2020

We are continuing top discuss how to best invest your money and great resources to learn how to plan for your future. The Wealthy Barber is one of those books you have to pick up and read because it will help you plan out your future to make you a rich person!

“Millionaire Booklet” Book Review
Video / December 19, 2019

Millionaire Booklet: 10X Rule Book Review: Be Obsessed Or Be Average: The Millionaire Fastlane: “Millionaire Booklet” Book Review Today I have another book review for you. This time, I decided to review this amazing booklet by Grant Cardone. If you don’t know, I’m a hufe fan of Grant and I believe he is one of the most amazing authors nowadays when it comes to personal development. Here is the book description: “The Millionaire Booklet was created for you to keep close to you until you become a millionaire. The eight steps Grant lays out is in a very simple to understand language that will allow you to get started today in creating the money you deserve. Let’s face it, your parents didn’t teach you how to get rich and the schools and colleges don’t even talk about it. At a time when more and more people are slipping out of the middle class into poverty, more people are becoming rich. Just last year over 500,000 households became millionaires. The Millionaire Booklet – How to Get Super Rich now and get one for your friends and start a Millionaire Booklet Mastermind holding each other accountable until you…

5 Passive Income Tips (Unshakeable by Tony Robbins) [Book Review]
Video / December 14, 2019

The Unshakeable by Tony Robbins book review illustrates how investing a couple of hundred dollars a month is enough passive income to become a millionaire. **Thanks for watching my first video on YouTube** ———————————————————————– ► Check out tip #6 to get the complete book summary and more stock market info! ———————————————————————– See Tony Robbins’ book here: ► – physical copy ► – audiobook (FREE trial) ———————————————————————– Subscribe For More ► ———————————————————————– Connect with me for fresh updates! ► Twitter – ► Instagram –

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Animated Book Review
Video / October 30, 2019

Wealthy Father Poor Father by Robert Kiyosaki Animated Book Summary. This book has virtually single-handedly, challenged and altered the way in which many millions, all over the world, consider money. In communicating his perspective on why ‘old’ advice – obtain a good job, cut costs, get rid of debt, invest for that lengthy term, and diversify – is ‘bad’ (both obsolete and problematic) advice, Robert has earned a status for straight talk wireless, irreverence and courage. This Wealthy Father Poor Father video is summarized and described right into a simple fun animated the review which will hopefully demonstrate a obvious picture of the items it teaches!

the Millionaire Real Estate Investor Book Review | Gary Keller
Video / October 28, 2019

The uniform property investor by Gary Keller. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ Now I’ve read a couple of books on property before and taking courses on property. However, this book is a touch various and not inside a bad way. So within this video im likely to break my ideas concerning the book and also the 5 core ideas I required from it. the Uniform Property Investor The Review Gary Keller 1. Buy and possess a Million dollars price of Property Example: In ways Tommy that’s pretty very similar factor however, it’s really completely different. – A: Purchase a million – My home is New You are able to, and when bought this house where we rent, well, it might be the same as me buying 500k price of property and when I purchased my neighbors house just such as this one, now I simply purchased a million. However: Whether I put 20% or 3% lower or nothing Lower, the thing is, I would control millions of dollars price of property, however i do not have millions of dollars price of equity just debt. – And when not appreciating and it is not cash flowing, then that could be a use…

Brittany’s Book Review #11 | Freakanomics | B’s Podcast | Exploring The Hidden Side of Everything
Video / October 11, 2019

Would you just believe what you’re told undoubtedly? Would you think that mindset will get you in danger and perhaps being reliable and naive may not be the in history best characteristics to possess for achievement and becoming where you need to use existence? At Get Forecked Studios, we’re searching right into a book, Freakanomics, a NY Occasions bestseller by Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt. This option are highly effective authors, journalists, economists, and much more. They’re worth about 20 million and that i like individuals figures. This book checks the soul around the globe and just how it truly is not what it really seems to become, rainbows and butterflies, fairness and equality and is not as moral once we may think or wish it to be. I constantly find myself back at these crossroads using the topics of corruption and avarice in the usa. Don’t misunderstand me, I really like money nearly as much as the following guy and that i have my great amount from it. However, I believe there should be some time where all of us get together and say enough is sufficient and cash isn’t the in history a lot of all things in…

Rich Enough Book Review (By Mary Holm) NZ Bestseller Personal Finance Book
Video / October 5, 2019

Within this video I will be reviewing the bestseller book on personal finance: Wealthy Enough by NZ financial journalist Mary Holm. Within this book, Mary details the 7 steps to assist ordinary people get rid of debt, find the best kiwisaver fund, save, invest and get ready for retirement Step One: Begin right now Step Two: Get rid of high interest debt Step Three: Setup insurance along with a wet day fund Step Four: Join the very best kiwisaver fund for you personally Step Five: Improve your savings painlessly Step Six: Stay awesome Step 7: Mind with confidence towards retirement and thru it 💰Trade NZ company explains to low commission by joining Sharesies free of charge: 📊Easiest method to monitor your savings by joining Sharesight while using link below and obtain the very first 2 several weeks for premium free: ◽◽◽ For those who have any queries please send me an e-mail at: *DISCLAIMER* All personnel that made an appearance within this video aren’t financial advisors. This video isn’t financial advice. All strategies, recommendations and tips are purely according to personal opinions and really should be to keep things interesting purpose only. Don’t invest purely according to…

100 Side Hustles without Quitting your Job Book Review | Chris Guillebeau
Video / October 1, 2019

100 side hustles by Chris Guillebeau, and it is what it really seems like. A magazine about 100 various kinds of side hustles that you can do quietly while still preserving your job. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ Now within this video, I will break lower the five core ideas within this book, with regards to developing a side hustle. And if you wish to look at this book free of charge, I in addition have a link lower below for audible, and you’ll get 2 free books. Remember a side hustle is one thing that’s outside of your work, that you simply control and enables you to money. And doesn’t need you to quit your work either. Example: After i Was College, I’d re-sell Iphone to create extra money. 100 Side Hustles without quitting your work The Review Chris Guillebeau 1. Look for a Problem and Solve it and make certain you want solving it Story To Why: Should you desired to something and stated, man if perhaps someone invented this, or someone must solve this. One time i is at senior high school, If only someone create an application which takes an image of math problems and solve it…

Quick Book Review: The Intelligent Investor
Video / September 30, 2019

Amazon . com: Wish to be good at evaluating stocks, bonds, along with other securities? Read “The Intelligent Investor” Watch these video: Where Plans Originate From

The Way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin Book Review
Video / September 21, 2019

The best way to wealth by Benjamin Franklin Every occasionally I’ve found a jewel of the book, which is one. And it is short and sweet. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ For this reason within this video I am likely to perform a full review about this 19m book, i possess a surprise for everyone so hang in there up until the finish. Oh in most cases I’d say have an audible membership link lower below, and obtain two free books, however this book is just 2$ and so i would certainly purchase the book after which make use of the two free credit for various other costly important books. The main reason I just read a lot of books is the fact that Irrrve never had accessibility mentors I needed. And So I would locate them in magazines. And also the studying book is much like building accurate documentation oinformation which you can use if you encounter a fproblem ( Additionally they don’t cost 1000s of dollars like courses The best way to Wealth Benjamin Franklin the review Lol: This book was, or almanac was written when benjamin when you should ah and it was ask assistance with wealth, and…

“Be Obsessed Or Be Average” Book Review
Video / September 12, 2019

SUPPORT THIS YOUTUBE Funnel: Be Obsessed Or Perhaps Be Average Book: Book Reviews Playlist: https://world wide The 10X Rule Book: What My Existence Was Like many years Ago: https://world wide The Uniform Fastlane: “Be Obsessed Or Perhaps Be Average” The Review So, I am really really looking forward to this book. while you are all aware, I am an enormous fan of “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone, among the best self-help books that I have read inside a lengthy lengthy time. This really is a different one of his amazing books. Be Obsessed Or Perhaps Be Average is certainly among among the best books I have look at this year which should certainly be considered a mandatory read if you wish to improve yourself like a person. This is actually the book description obtained from Amazon . com: “Before Grant Cardone built five effective companies (and counting), grew to become a multimillionaire, and authored bestselling books… he was broke, unemployed, and drug-addicted. Grant had developed with big dreams, but buddies and family told him to become more modest and fewer demanding. If he performed through the rules, they stated, he could enjoy everybody…

Brittany’s Book Review #8 | Split-Second Persuasion | B’s Podcast| The Law of Attraction
Video / September 12, 2019

We are back here with another episode of B’s Podcast together with your host, Brittany Lynn, backed by Get Forecked Studios. We are here today having a the review on quite a fascinating psychology book, Split-Second Persuasion by Kevin Dutton. Kevin includes a PhD in psychology and focuses on psychopathy. Within this book, become familiar with the raw material to brainwash people and just how the brain are hardwired. This can be used information inside your existence in marketing and advertising in addition to really any situation in existence, understanding how humans decide things for the reason that quick split- second can definitely alter the game to your benefit. I actually do my best to provide these details to everyone within the most enjoyable possible way, with my own style and knowledge of a number of other areas of study which i know everyone may benefit from too. I have read numerous books and that i have a lot to see everything I’ve learned, thank everyone for the love and support along this ride. In the end, you do not become great after studying only a couple of books about them. I learned a lot here which i loved and…

“Becoming Your Own Banker”® — Book Review (Part 1): Banking
Video / August 31, 2019

Within this video James Neathery and Ryan Griggs discuss Nelson Nash’s first book, “Becoming Your Personal Banker — Unlock the Infinite Banking Concept”®. This really is the beginning of the five-part series where they’re going through “Becoming Your Personal Banker”™ and provide their commentary on all its’ various topics. This the review is definitely meant to replace an intensive studying of “Becoming Your Personal Banker”™. Click the link to look at parts 1-3 (BYOB The Review Playlist): ➟ https://world wide You can purchase it “Becoming Your Personal Banker”™ here: ➟ https://world wide To understand more about James Neathery: Visit ➟ https://world wide seminar To understand more about Ryan Griggs: Visit ➟ https://world wide ____________ Click the link to look at a genuine infinite banking situation study: ➟ ____________ Add me like a friend: ➟ https://world wide ➟ https://world wide ____________ Disclaimer: All content on this website is perfect for informational purposes only. The information shared isn’t supposed to have been an alternative to consultation using the appropriate professional. Opinions expressed herein are exclusively individuals of James C. Neathery & Associates, Corporation., unless of course otherwise particularly reported. The information that’s presented is thought…

Tesla Will Be The 5th Horseman BOOK REVIEW 📚
Video / August 30, 2019

Scott Galloway’s ‘The Four’ is the greatest tech-business book of 2017. His understanding of Amazon . com, Facebook, Apple, & Google and just how they’re transforming our digital era could make you think hard concerning the ‘make the planet a much better place’ mantra that will get so frequently sang in Plastic Valley. Also around 6:30 in to the video I result in the situation about why Tesla would be the fifth horseman ) LINK – The 4 on Amazon . com: https://world wide . . com-Facebook-Google/dp/0735213658 LINK – Scott Galloway Twitter: LINK – L2’s YouTube funnel: https://world wide HyperChange Website & NEW MERCH 🙂 HyperChange Patreon: HyperChange Instagram: HyperChange Twitter: HyperChange Facebook: https://world wide Music by Marko: & Fritz Carlton: Disclaimer: This video is solely my estimation and cannot be considered as factual information. I’m not an economic consultant. This isn’t a suggestion to purchase or sell securities. Don’t assume any details and figures within this video are accurate. Always do your personal research. By 1/3/2018 HyperChange host (Galileo Russell) is committed to shares of Tesla (TSLA).