Winter in Wartime- Book Review
Video / March 19, 2020

Michiel gets more and more involved in the Dutch resistance… Today I’m reviewing Winter in Wartime by Jan Terlouw. I doubt a lot of you will be familiar with this book, but it’s quite popular in the Netherlands, its country of origin, where it is published under the title “Oorlogswinter”. A movie adaptation was made in 2008. I don’t know why the video didn’t render on fullscreen. I hope to fix that for my next upload! A shorter one, but a good book nonetheless! —– Read the script of this review: —– Got a suggestion for a book (series) for me to review? Leave it in the comments below! Link to my 2018 read list rated from best to worst: Link to my 2019 read list rated from best to worst: Link to my 2020 read list rated from best to worst: —– Goodreads link to this book: Get the book (English): —– Check me out on these other sites! Goodreads: Redbubble: Tumblr design blog: Letterboxd: —– The book covers are used under Fair Use. All other visuals are public domain/CC0 or mine. Winter Reflections by Kevin MacLeod Link:…

Video / July 27, 2019

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