MGTOW Book Review: “Rise of Men” by Manhood S.S.
Video / April 5, 2020

Buy Kindle or Paperback here: Preview chapters here: The author has a website that is his pen name (Manhood _____, check it out!

“Worthless” Book Review – MGTOW
Video / August 1, 2019

Combined with the book Bachelor Pad Financial aspects Aaron Clarey sent me his book Useless, The Youthful Person’s Indispensable Help Guide To Selecting the best Major. And That I wasn’t likely to evaluate it or discuss it initially but during the period of visiting the men’s legal rights conference I met someone who must have look at this book. She only agreed to be while finishing her degree in poetry. And through the wintertime she’s involved with dog sled racing. How she is going to earn a living and perhaps repay the financial obligations she owes to obtain a masters in poetry I’ll don’t know? But after she stated this stuff in my experience all I possibly could consider was Aaron Clarey’s book Useless. And That I too am responsible for going for a college or college major that did not really pan view I was expecting initially. Initially I would take photography but my parents convinced me to consider “New Media” rather. I believed it was likely to be about cartoon, video, film, photography, website design, design, creative writing plus much more. And That I was right since the college I visited would be a polytechnic college in those…