Superfans by Pat Flynn | Book Review
Video / September 30, 2020

Super Fans by Pat Flynn, what a book. Just when you think you know enough about youtube and marking this guy comes along and teaches you a lot more. 1. Different types of People that watch your content – One thing I’ve noticed is that as I build up my youtube audience and more people subscribe – I notice that doesn’t mean every video I made is going to get 249k subscribers as I have now, and I wanted to know why – And it turns out your audience is broken down in two 3 sectors 3 parts: – You have the casuals: these are the people that might see a video and might click on it, but rarely comment and are rarely looking for your content – Then you have the Active community: people that click on your videos and comment and smash the like button – You have the SuperFans: the people that watch all of your content and always comment and are always there To me honestly: – I feel weird even calling you guys fans – To me, it’s just a community of users that are friends and share what we know – Its more like…

Book Review – The Art of Apprenticeship by Azul Terronez – SPI TV Ep. 24
Video / January 21, 2020

The Art of Apprenticeship is a lesser known book in the business world that I’d like to bring to light today. It is authored by my good friend Azul Terronez, who has spent most of his life as an educator and has shared his wisdom on learning here in this book, which is all about how to find an amazing mentor to help kickstart your success. Finding a mentor is one of the smartest and most important actions you can take, and although this book isn’t super long like other books in the business aisle, Azul does a fantastic job of giving us exactly the information we need to move forward and find our ideal mentor or mentors. In this episode, I review certain sections of the book I feel are key, and if you have any other books to suggest I review in the future, please leave a comment below with your suggestion! Thanks for watching SPI TV, and look out for another book next week that I’ll be reviewing (to continue book review month here on SPI!) Also, make sure to join my book club where each month I send an email out with a new book…

Book Review: Ask by Ryan Levesque – SPI TV Ep. 25
Video / October 22, 2019

Ask by Ryan Levesque is my #1 book recommendation for anybody running a business, regardless of what stage or what niche you are in: Get Ryan’s book free of charge (plus shipping & handling): http://world wide I lately used approaches to this book to do an eye-opening survey that I am now using to steer the direction of my brand, and already I am visiting a dramatic improvement in how my audience reacts to things i do. Ask has become an element of the couple of books I suggest as needed studying for entrepreneurs, also it does not matter if you have an e-mail list or supporters or otherwise – you may still make use of the amazing advice and techniques within this book. Ryan seemed to be featured in SPI Podcast Episode #178 (http://world wide where one can learn more about his Ask Formula and collect strategies you are able to implement inside your business at this time. And please join my book club for monthly book reviews, deals & promotions from authors by clicking this link below: http://world wide -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Building an e-mail list? Watch my latest video: “Ways to get More Email Subscribers (17…

Book Review – The ONE Thing – SPI TV Ep. 23
Video / July 31, 2019

Join my book club where I review new books every month, and provide you with deals and promotions when available: http://world wide Now on SPI TV, we’re reviewing The Main One Factor by Gary Kellar and Jay Papasan, probably the most important books I have read in the last year, and that’s why I just read it two times. This really is mandatory studying for anybody attempting to achieve anything (so, many of us!), also it provides for us the reduced lower on precisely why you need to concentrate on one factor at any given time, how, as well as the effects if you do not. I have been applying The Main One Factor strategies since I have selected up this book, and it is been a complete game-changer for me personally when it comes to planning, productivity, general levels of stress, as well as happiness. You should check out it here: http://world wide -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Building an e-mail list? Watch my latest video: “Ways to get More Email Subscribers (17 Lead Magnet Ideas)”: https://world wide -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-