Make Professional Photography Books with Ease – Saal Digital Book Review
Video / September 2, 2020

Build your own book here! This book is fancy! It would make a beautiful gift (or even a gift to yourself!). This video is sponsored by Saal Digital, but this isn’t the first time I’ve worked with them. Their work is impeccable!! Become a Channel Member! Follow me on Instagram! Subscribe to my channel! Follow me on Facebook! Follow me on Twitter! I’m on Patreon! See more at Filmed with… Camera: Lens: Music: #saaldigital Hi! I’m SnapChick. My channel is about photography as an art form and as a lifestyle, with a healthy dose of technology thrown in! I post new videos every week so subscribe here on YouTube, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, and join in on the conversation! If this video includes any product links, they may be affiliate links. I participate in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and Epidemic Sound Affiliate Program, which allows me to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to those sites. You pay the same price for the item, I get to share the things I enjoy, and I can earn money to support my site when…

Video / July 17, 2020

My bud Foster Kinn just published this novel about a couple of bikers who spend their time on the road on two wheels. It is a most interesting read and reminds me of some of the great road-story books I have read over the years. The professor is a tortured soul. A former English teacher, he finds a sort of comfort out on the road that many of us can identify with. The redneck, well – he is just living the dream. To him the road is one big adventure to be had in full measure at every turn. They ride all over the country, mostly alone, but meeting up every now and then to have a bit of an adventure together. The poet… well, I am not gonna say much about the poet other than when you meet him you will be shocked, intrigued, and a bit wary. You don’t have to be a motorcycle enthusiast to like this story – one of friendship, honor, relationships, and the road. Just be open to being surprised and intrigued. The book is available on Amazon for Kindle and paperback.

Marilyn Manson ‡ Perou – 21 Years in Hell BOOK REVIEW
Video / July 11, 2020

Justin Symbol of The God Bombs reviews 21 Years in Hell, the new book of Marilyn Manson images by the photographer Perou. Printed by Reel Art Press. SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL Follow the God Bombs Official Merch: Referenced in this video: The God Bombs – Toxic Scum Justin ‡ Symbol – Purgatory ft. Daisy Berkowitz The God Bombs – Plague Song

Blurb Trade Book Review and Blurb Photo Book Review
Video / May 18, 2020

My very first blurb trade book! I’ve ordered blurb photo books in the past but this time I went another direction. The blurb photo book is a great option for when it comes to self publishing and distributing your photo book but they can also be expensive. Trade books are what I’m finding to be a great alternative for advertising yourself while also creating another stream of passive income. Grab my FREE Lightroom Preset Packs! Support the Channel and Grab Your Copy of the Book! 📷 How to Make Passive Income as a Photographer and Filmmaker 📚 Great Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs ▶️ Already have your Photography Business up and running? Now it’s time to scale! 📱Let’s Connect: Instagram: Facebook: Tumblr: Website: #blurb #photobooks #createmooremedia #photography #freelancer #passiveincome #selfpublishing Share This Video:

13×11 Blurb Photo Book Review (2018)
Video / March 31, 2020

Hi! Today I wanted to go over my Blurb Photo Book that I just received! Questions? Leave them below & I’ll answer them! SIGN UP & RECEIVE 35% OFF (new customers only): Purchase my “the Police” Photo Book: Photography Website: Instagram: Thanks for watching!

CAMERA book review: Vanessa Winship – ‘She Dances on Jackson’ published by Mack Books
Video / March 17, 2020

A fascinating and quiet depiction of contemporary America in black & white through the eyes of Vanessa Winship in her book She Dances on Jackson. Printed and embossed linen hardcover 144 pages, 64 tritone plates 24 x 27 cm Publication date: June 2018 ISBN: 978-1-907946-36-3 Vanessa Winship: Mack Books: Camera is on: Twitter: You Tube: Instagram: Tumblr: Facebook:… … Thank you for all your support.

DIY Darkroom Book Review
Video / February 23, 2020

In this video I discuss four different books that are excellent resources for anyone considering building or renovating their own darkroom. The books I look at are: Build Your Own Home Darkroom, by Lista Duren & Will McDonald The New Darkroom Handbook, by Joe DeMaio, Robin Worth, & Dennis Curtin Building A Home Darkroom, from Kodak Workshop Series Photolab Design for Professionals, by Kodak You can support this channel by purchasing a print from or a t-shirt designed by yours truly at Feather by Waywell Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported — CC BY-SA 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music promoted by Audio Library

photo book review
Video / January 25, 2020

I’m reviewing the three main photo book printing companies: Blurb, Shutterfly, and Snapfish. Do you have a favorite printer that I left out? Be sure to let me know in the comments! And… don’t forget to visit my blog:

Darcy Padilla Family Love – Book Review
Video / January 24, 2020

Darcy Padilla Family Love – Book Review. Really, everything is explained in the film. This is a different type of video from me, and depending on if you like it, I may do some book reviews from my groaning photobook shelves. The Family Love book by Darcy Padilla, I think its fair to say, has had a huge impact on me. It’s the story of the Fyffe family and covers 21 years of their lives by acclaimed American photojournalist Darcy Padilla. It’s sad, happy, beautiful and poignant. It’s a book I would recommend all those interested in social documentary photography check out. As ever, I’ll do my best to answer any questions should you have any. Please do subscribe, share and like – and now it’s even more important to hit the notification bell if you want to keep up to date with my weekly videos. Best, Kevin The Book & Film ————————— Darcy Padilla – Family Love Book: Family Love Film: My Links: ———————————————– SOCIAL: Instagram: Twitter: WEBSITES: Wedding: Fuji / Personal: Family: #kevinmullins

Photography of Game of Thrones book review preview
Video / December 4, 2019

A fast consider the Bet on Thrones photography book. Browse the Bet on Thrones Costumes book and The skill of Bet on Thrones book preview videos below! 🙂 I got myself this book hoping that it is always good for reference in my artwork and for some art studies, you never know maybe I’m able to become familiar with a factor or 2 about composition and lighting from a few of these. In either case, its a top quality book similar to the other 2 within the series, thank you for watching 🙂 Bet on Thrones Costumes video – The skill of Bet on Thrones video – Affiliated connect to the Photography of Bet on Thrones book – facebook- deviantart- Instagram – https://world wide GUMROAD TUTORIALS – twitter- blog- kingdom

Video / December 4, 2019

MIXBOOK LAY FLAT PHOTO The Review by STEFAN WYATT Within this video I’ll demonstrate the layflat books printed by mixbook. Pages, colour, binding along with a couple of words about shipping and also the interface. On this book on my small blog: Mixbook Lay Flat Photo Book – Review Facebook: http://world wide Click the link to determine my recent Mixbook versus Shutterfly Layflat Comparison video: https://world wide Watch my review on Mixbook’s Mosaic Photo Book: https://world wide Follow me on INSTAGRAM in my travel photography: @thephotobookguru MIXBOOK website: Subscribe for additional videos and reviews! You can inquire within the comments box.

Iceland A Visual Tour (Tony Sweet) Book Review
Video / September 28, 2019

If you are looking at photographing in Iceland, you will want to own this incredible book by Tony Sweet, an expert professional photographer. A relevant video profile of Myself & Tony Sweet in addition to a conversation about photography between us you may enjoy, check out the Maryland Public Television documentary here (visit 13:50): Get Tony’s book here:

BOOK REVIEW | Anthony Bourdain Remembered
Video / September 1, 2019

The main one having a examine the tribute towards the world’s ambassador, Anthony Bourdain. Support – https://world wide – Gear – Shot On: The new sony A5000 (16mm to 50mm lens) – Microphone: Rode NT-USB – Edited On: Final Cut Pro X Find Me – WordPress: – YouTube: https://world wide – Instagram: https://world wide

Video / July 23, 2019

Blog: Facebook: https://world wide Here’s my second photo book fight. The opponents would be the two photo book giants, Mixbook and Blurb. This review is just regarding their lay flat books! Both companies offer lots of discounts, visit the Deals portion of my blog for more information. Mixbook: Blurb: For additional close-up pics on quality take a look at my blog: Mixbook versus Shutterfly: https://world wide Instagram: @guy_around_the_world Subscribe for additional! Place your questions within the comments box.

Book Review: Vickers Guide – WWII Germany, Volume 2
Video / July 13, 2019

Available from the writer: https://world wide The most recent Vickers Manual has become available: World war 2 Germany, Volume 2. In which the first volume centered on secure action rifles and submachine guns, this second volume has got the really awesome stuff: semiauto and choose-fire rifles, machine guns, and last-ditch arms. Additionally, it features a section on presentation pistols. And fair disclosure I had been among the adding authors, so you’ll have some of my bylines within the book. The Vickers Guide series are considered unsuitable to become reference books, but instead gorgeous coffee-table material. The photography that James Rupley gives them is simply fantastic an excellent you won’t get in every other firearms print material. That stated, the books have been receiving gradually more in depth within their text commentary with time, which one includes sections from a lot of subject-matter experts – you may just learn something while searching between your photographs! Of particular note within this book when it comes to rarity are generally early and late pattern FG-42s (as well as their accessories), a Grossfuss StG, an StG45(H), MG-30, MKb42(W), along with a folding-stock G33/40 rifle. If you are looking at German World war 2…