Indistractable by Nir Eyal | One Minute Book Review
Video / October 24, 2020

💬How do you control distractions? Are they inherently bad, or are good distractions necessary? When I think about answering these questions I am left wondering whether there is a concrete answer that is applicable to everyone. Like much of the literature surrounding habits and productivity, it is inherently linked to the type of individual you want to become. Those that read and choose to make adjustments are those that are wanting to make changes in order to achieve their work and personal goals. 📚 Simply put I liked this book for that reason. The author makes it known that we are all susceptible for distraction. Whether it be our phones, computers, TV or any mundane activity, there are distractions lurking at everyone corner. It is too simplistic to simply blame social media, as many commentators do. They request that you immediately delete all accounts and recede to a life of solitude in the forest. For many that is not the goal. The goal is to have a healthy relationship with technology so that it can benefit our career and personal life. 👥 ‘Indistractable’ by @nir.eyal teaches us how we can form a better relationship with distractions. The book has similarities…

This Book Made Me Super Productive 🙏 | Deep Work Book Review in Hindi | Vedant Maheshwari
Video / October 14, 2020

Buy Deep Work in English: Buy Deep Work in Hindi: Connect with me: Twitter: [//very active] Linkedin: [//not very active] Instagram: [//not active at all] Deep Work by Cal Newport is a book that completely changed my life, my habits – and made me more productive. That is exactly what I want to share with all of you in this video. The Deep Work Review in Hindi will help you understand more about the book and whether you should read it or not. Who Am I? Mera naam hai Vedant Maheshwari. Mai ek marketing and product expert hu, and mera maqsad hai aapki zindagi mei value add karna aur life mei aage badhne mei madad karna. Waise toh mai Josh Talks ke saath 3 saalo se juda hua hu, iss YouTube channel ko maine apne bhai behen (aap) ke guidance aur help ke liye banaya hai. Iss channel par mai self help, productivity, personal finance aur occasionally travel and fun videos dala karunga. My other top videos: Power of Compound Interest: Why I Quit Social Media?: Personal Finance Series: #vedantm #deepwork #reviewed

Focusing on what is ESSENTIAL // Essentialism Book Review
Video / July 18, 2020

Learning how to focus on what is essential is the key to not becoming overwhelmed while also staying productive. In the book Essentialism, by Greg McKeown, we learn all the different tactics that are out there for uncovering your true priorities. Essentialism Book: —————————————————— 👋🏽 Want to chat? Email: ✉️ Sign up for my weekly newsletter: 📚My favorite books: ❓👳🏽‍♂️ FAQ What is Sikhi? What is that turban on your head? Where can I learn more about Sikhi? 📱 Social Media BLOG: INSTAGRAM: @maneetpaul TWITTER: @maneetpaul FACEBOOK: 📹 My Camera Gear My YouTube gear: My Samaagam recording/broadcast kit: 🎵 Like the music in this video? Sign up for Epidemic Sound: Disclosure: Some links in the description are affiliate links that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission at no additional cost to you. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases.

The 5 Am Club Summary | Robin Sharma Book | The 5 Am Club Review
Video / July 5, 2020

The 5 am club summary emphasizes the importance of having a beast morning routine. If you have been thinking about how to start a morning routine? Robin Sharma’s book The 5 AM Club will show you how the first hour of the day is the most important one. ******************** Join My FREE Coaching Program – 🔥 PRODUCTIVITY MASTERMIND 🔥 Link – 👈 Inside the Program: 👉 WEEKLY LIVE COACHING 👉 LIVE Q&A’s 👉 5 STEP Productivity Framework ********************* When is the best time to study? When is the best time to work? Well, I would say that the most productive time for most people is early in the morning. So if you can incorporate your most creative work/studies in the morning. But just before you start you should start your day with a proper morning routine that will put you in the right state. And in this, the 5 am club review you will discover exactly that. Here are the 5 am club takeaways: Number 1 – Your brain state at 5am Number 2 – 4 rules to become one of the greats Number 3 – 4 interior empires Number 4 – 20/20/20 formula Number 5 – Embrace the…

The 80/20 Principle and Parkinson’s Law – Richard Koch – ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW examples
Video / April 27, 2020

In the “80/20 Principle: The secret to achieving More with Less” written by Richard Koch is a great book that analyzes the Pareto principle. Basically, it states that the majority of the effects are caused by the minority of the causes. Parkinson’s law is also very important in learning how to become productive and eliminating your excess time. Learn how to turn distress into eustress by executing things as fast as possible. This animated book review does a really quick glance at summarizing the 80 20 rule and Parkinson’s law, and I hope you can apply it to your life. Animated Book Review Playlist: Insta: Twitter: Facebook: Check out MY Passive Income Ebook:

Arivu Square Trailer | Book Summary Tamil | Book Review Tamil
Video / April 25, 2020

You will be listening to book summaries/book reviews of popular NON-FICTION books in Tamil.The summaries will belong to the categories mentioned below. ** TITLE ** Arivu Square Trailer | Book Summary Tamil | Book Review Tamil ** 3 Categories ** 1. Life changing(Productivity,Happiness,Health,Personal Finance,Ego,Leadership…) 2. Autobiographies(Elon MusK,Steve Jobs,David Goggins,Andre Agassi,Phil Knight…) 3. General knowledge(Artificial intelligence,universe,nanotechnology,human history,driver-less cars..) ** Music ** Music: Youth Musician: @iksonofficial Subscribe to Arivu Square: #books #reading #booksummary #arivusquare

GET PRODUCTIVE: Deep Work Book Review
Video / April 23, 2020

When it comes to getting things done, there are just times, days, weeks, or even in months when you can’t seem to focus on the important things at work. Getting distracted in this digital-internet-heavy world can consume our time with the most useless of mundane things. Checking Facebook, answering to emails left and right, responding to messages in an instant are just a few of the struggles that we modern people face. So how do we actually do more and be productive? This book, the Deep Work by Cal Newport talks us through the mindset and ways on how we can get things done and have that focus to be more productive. In this video I’ll give you an overview about the book, and what I love about Newport’s methodology, and how it helped me do my own deep focus in accomplishing tasks and big projects at hand. ********************************************* 👉Want more cool tools to optimize your life and work? Grab my FREE definitive toolkit: *******FUEL YOUR MIND WITH THESE BOOKS******* Listen to me on the go and discover your potential with my UNTAPPED Podcast: Learn how you can redesign your business to earn more, work less, and…

The Organized Mind Book Review (Animated)
Video / April 14, 2020

The Organized Mind book review will cover some of the best ideas on how to organize your mind in this information overloaded world. It’s a great read and I think that everyone and learns from the strategies in this book. The Organized Mind is written by Daniel Levitin. ******************** Join My FREE Coaching Program – 🔥 PRODUCTIVITY MASTERMIND 🔥 Link – 👈 Inside the Program: 👉 WEEKLY LIVE COACHING 👉 LIVE Q&A’s 👉 5 STEP Productivity Framework ********************* In this The Organized Mind book summary we will take a close look at how to organize your thoughts, store your ideas outside your head and refuel to increase your productivity. These all will be valuable strategies that will help you to become more organized and in control. Here are 6 main ideas form The Organized Mind summary: 1 – Limit the projects you are working on 2 – Our brain is more interested in change rather than consistency 3 – Simplify your decision making 4 – Organize your thoughts outside your head 5 – Junk drawer approach 6 – Set time aside to rejuvenate I hope that you enjoyed this The Organized Mind review and you really learned something new…

Elevate Book Review | Push Beyond Your Limits
Video / March 26, 2020

Today we will take a look at Elevate book review. The Elevate core message is to take you on personal growth journey – Push Beyond Your Limits and Unlock Success in Yourself and Others. The book “Elevate is written by Robert Glazer. ******************** Join My FREE Coaching Program – 🔥 PRODUCTIVITY MASTERMIND 🔥 Link – 👈 Inside the Program: 👉 WEEKLY LIVE COACHING 👉 LIVE Q&A’s 👉 5 STEP Productivity Framework ********************* In this Elevate book summary you wil find the personal groth hacks form successful entrepreneur Robert Glazer. Here are 6 key takeaways from Elevate: 1 – Ask the right questions 2 – Become a better listener 3 – Control your mind 4 – Build a structure 5 – Conserve your energy 6 – Commit fully Robert Glazer says that the key to success is to work for your success and ask yourself the right questions. On this Channel you can find – book reviews | book summaries | animated summaries | animated reviews | book video summaries _________________ Hi, My name is Janis and I’m Content Creator and Entrepreneur. One thing that I’m really passionate about is Time Management. Time is the resource that we all need…

Why Social Media Kills Your Productivity (Digital Minimalism Book Review 01)
Video / March 26, 2020

Hey! If you’re new to the channel…my name is Jeff Sekinger I teach people how to leverage credit to scale their businesses and create new income streams in my consulting/mastermind: I’m on a mission to empower people financially so they can do what they want with their time instead of living unfulfilling lifestyles. To learn more, follow me on Instagram here: Follow me on Facebook here: Subscribe to my YouTube channel here:… Read more about my story here: ————- If you’d like to join my inner circle so you can scale using credit, find out more here: _____ If you’d like to learn more about my consulting program, click here: ______ Ignore: Business failure motivation finance money entrepreneur growth focus mood feeling feelings time value wealth meditation success freedom 0% credit 0% APR Intrest loan borrowing dept tips for entrepreneurs lifestyle startup businesses investing investments financial freedom longterm habits business building scaling growing mindset productivity minimalism cal newport book review

4 Cures for Feeling Overwhelmed: A Book Review
Video / January 21, 2020

Nir’s Note: This book review is by Sam McNerney. Sam writes about cognitive psychology, business, and philosophy. Many of us feel we’re drowning in the rising tide of emails, updates, and digital distractions. According to a survey by the Families and Work Institute, the majority of American workers report feeling overwhelmed or overworked. In her new book, Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has The Time, Brigid Schulte acknowledges that although the deluge of to do’s is inevitable, there are ways to regain our sanity.

Video / January 18, 2020

1-Page PDF Summary: Book Link: Video animation of the big ideas I gathered from Adam Grant’s book ‘Originals’. For more videos please subscribe and follow me on twitter: @nlozeron A Lozeron Academy Inc. production.

2019 Reading Review (stats) & 2020 Goals | Book Roast
Video / January 4, 2020

Click here to explore your creativity and get 2 free months of Premium Membership: Productivity class I mentioned: Thank you so much for everything guys, 2019 has been so much better than it would have because of you! Here’s to so many more amazing books in 2020! Let me know what goals you’ve set for yourself! Patreon Moonie Family ◆ WANT TO BUY BOOKS WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING? * ◆ If you enjoyed this video, you might like: – 2019 goals video ——- Amazon Wish List: ◆ You can also find me on: Bookstagram: Goodreads: Moonlight Library shop: Contact email: ◆ Want to send me mail? Book Roast Suite 222 12 South Bridge EDINBURGH EH1 1DD Scotland ◇ DISCLAIMER: This video is sponsored by Skillshare. All opinions are my own. * marked links are affiliate, meaning that I might get a small commission if you make a purchase through the link for your goodies, at no additional cost to you of course!

The Best Book I Read in 2019
Video / January 2, 2020

Start improving your problem-solving skills with Brilliant: – if you’re one of the first 200 to sign up, you’ll get 20% off your annual subscription. Huge thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel! The best productivity book I read in 2019 isn’t a productivity book at all. Today, I’ll share that book with you, along with my top three lessons from it. —- #productivity #bestbooks —- 📗Get my book “10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades” FREE: Want to Earn Better Grades? 🐦Follow Me: Instagram ➔ Twitter ➔ Music Channel ➔ Podcast ➔ Spotify Study Playlist ➔ 📡Subscribe to My Channel: 🎥My Video Gear: 🎧Background music via Musicbed. Get a 30-day free trial of awesome music for your videos: 💰 I’m fortunate enough to work with great sponsors who support my work, so I don’t use Patreon or any other crowdfunding service. However, if you’d like to support a worthy cause, consider donating to help more children get access to a high-quality education:

Blinkist Review: Read books in 15-minutes 📚
Video / December 13, 2019

Download Blinkist here: Blinkist is a time-saving tool for avid book readers. Read books in 15-minutes by using condensed synopsises and audio called Blinks. Finishing a book in 15-minutes on Blinkist combines take away notes, key points and important learnings – perfect for on-the-go time-conscious readers. Blinkist is an exciting new way to consume new content. These are all-non-fiction books. Download Blinkist today for free: This is a Monday’s feature segment to the channel – enjoy! Aha! Drop me an email if you need help: – I’ll reply in 48 hours. — The world of productivity apps, reviewed! Weekly videos all about personal productivity apps and resources. Everything from Evernote to Todoist to Wunderlist. These productivity apps are a great way to organize your daily activities from calendar events to task management. My name is Francesco. I’m a 4th year Business Studies student as well as a passionate technology fan. I get involved with a lot of start-ups and businesses. I currently work for FlashSticks as a marketer. TECHNOLOGY USED: – Filming – Android LG G4 Smartphone – Microphone – Amazon basics microphone – Editing – iMovie 10 on MacBook Air – Screenshare – Quicktime with iPhone…

EP 495 Book Review คนเก่ง พักเป็น ตอนที่ 2
Video / November 13, 2019

Air 495 The Review คนเก่ง พักเป็น ตอนที่ 2 เล่มนี้เป็นหนังสือแปลมาจากเล่มภาษาอังกฤษที่ชื่อ Peak Performance เป็นการเพิ่ม Productivity โดยให้ความสำคัญกับการพัก วันนี้มี Review เป็นตอนที่ 2 ซึ่งเป็นตอนจบครับ