Book Review: Vickers Guide SIG SAUER, Volume 1
Video / December 13, 2020 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! The most recent addition to the Vickers Guide series of books is SIG Sauer Volume 1. This is 460 pages covering SIG’s handguns and submachine guns from it’s very first contract (the Mannlicher 1894 blow-forward pistols) to the recently-adopted M17 and M18 US military handguns and SIG’s other ongoing developments (long guns will be covered in a later second volume). I was a coauthor with Larry Vickers for this book, and we were also joined by Dr. Leonardo Antaris, who is a wealth of information on SIG and contributed a great deal to make the book truly excellent (in my slightly-biased opinion). The Vickers Guide series have always been designed as glamorous coffee table type books, but the recent AR-15 Volume 1 expansion and this first volume on SIG are starting to blur the line with reference books a bit. They should not be mistaken for academic technical works, but there is quite a lot of detailed information among the gorgeous photography. In the case of SIG handguns and submachine guns, there are very few sources of this sort of information published in English, and this Vickers Guide is actually now the best…

Flutter Complete Reference Book Review
Video / October 13, 2020

My personal review and opinions on the new Flutter book: Flutter Complete Reference by Alberto Miola. The book just came out on the 30th of September and my copy finally came in the mail on Sunday! I’m very excited to get to read more of it. For those who have purchased the book, leave your comments below with your own thoughts! TL;DR of review: I love it! 4.5-5 stars if I were to give a rating. This is a great tool to utilize as a reference in your Flutter development. For more weekly Flutter content be sure to Subscribe to the Channel! 📘 Purchase Book on Amazon here: ✅ Twitter: ✅ Facebook: ✅ Medium: ✅ Patreon: Want to support the channel more? Check out my Patreon page so that I can keep doing these videos more often. Thank you for supporting the channel!

Book Review: Vickers Guide to the AR-15 Vol 1, SECOND EDITION
Video / October 6, 2020 Cool Forgotten Weapons merch! When Volume 1 of the Vickers Guide to the AR-15 sold out, Larry Vickers and James Rupley decided not to simply print more copies. Instead, they chose to go back to basics, and massively expand the book. The new Second Edition has *300* pages more photographs and content than the original book, coming in at a total of 648 pages (and featuring more than 100 different rifles). It has more commentary now, from not just Larry but also two new co-authors, Chris Bartocci (of Small Arms Solutions, author of “Black Rifle II” from Collector Grade) and Daniel Watters (of Major additions include a section on AR magazines and an explanation of the M16A2 update program by Lt. Col. (ret) David Lutz, who was at the heart of that program. Also added is a collection of photographs from the estate of Rob Roy, one of the Colt engineers who worked extensively on the AR – his photos show a slew of unusual models, foreign training and demonstrations, and experimental testing. Overall, this is a massive expansion to a book that was already a great resource. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in…

Ian Reviews the Greatest Book Ever: Chassepot to FAMAS
Video / March 12, 2020

Available only direct from Headstamp Publishing: I am very excited to finally be able to formally present to you Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles 1866-2016! After about 3 years of work, it’s finally here and shipping. My goal with this book was to create a reference guide that would allow someone to identify any French military rifle they would encounter, be it in museums, gun shows, auction, and collections.It covers military rifle designed and built in France, and has 10 chapters comprising more than 530 pages: Chassepot, Gras, Kropatschek, Lebel, Berthier, RSC, MAS 36, MAS semiauto, FR, and FAMAS. within each chapter is a history of the design, variations, markings, production dates and totals, combat use, bayonets, mechanics, and more. The photography is outstanding, and it really shows. James Rupley’s efforts in that area have made it the best-looking firearms reference book ever published, if I may be so bold as to make that claim. This is not a typical book full of dark black-and-white photos. While there are a few other books in English on French rifles, none is even remotely close to the scope of mine. This is a must-have resource for anyone interested in French…

How to Build Urban Dioramas by Mig Jimenez – Scale model book review
Video / February 2, 2020

How to Build Urban Dioramas is a new scale modelling book released under the Mig Jimenez / Ammo brand. Find out what’s inside the book, what I think of it, and how it could help you create awesome scale model dioramas in this short look inside and review. How to Build Urban Dioramas is available from the Mig Jimenez website: Subscribe for more scale modelling videos: WW2 aircraft models: WW2 armour models: Formula 1 car models:

Book Review: Browning Auto-5 Shotguns
Video / January 14, 2020

Get your copy direct from the publisher: Or on Amazon: I am normally more interested in military small arms than sporting ones, but the Browning Auto-5 is such an important firearm that it deserves the recognition of and proper small arms enthusiast. It was not only the first long recoil firearm, but also the first viable semiautomatic shotgun – and it remained very popular for many decades. H.M. Shirley, Jr and Anthony Vanderlinden teamed up to write the definitive reference work on the gun, covering everything from prototypes and Browning’s patents as he designed it to the Japanese production almost a century later. The book begins with an excellent extended overview of the history of FN, John Browning, and their collaborations – a section which will be excellent reading for anyone not familiar with that history (and with lots of detail that many folks probably don’t know). It then explains really every aspect of the gun’s production and variation – proofing, barrel marks, different grades and options, mechanics, serial numbers and date codes, special models, engraving, and more. This really is a one-stop-shop for anyone interested in the FN production of the Auto-5! Cool Forgotten Weapons merch!…

Game of Thrones Costume Design book review preview
Video / November 26, 2019

Book preview Bet on Thrones: The Costumes: The state costume design book of Season 1 to Season 8. I got myself this book combined with the art of Bet on Thrones book as well as the Photography of Bet on Thrones, so make sure to check individuals videos out too 🙂 Tell me if you possess the books and just what everyone want to them! Take a look at my ‘Art of Bet on Thrones book’ video – Affiliated connect to the sport of Thrones Costume book – facebook- deviantart- Instagram – https://world wide GUMROAD TUTORIALS – twitter- blog- kingdom

Book Review: Vickers Guide to the Kalashnikov, Volume II
Video / November 9, 2019

Shipping now, only accessible direct from Vickers Guide: https://world wide Fair disclaimer: I might be biased, like me a co-author of the work… Vickers Guide has returned using the second volume around the AK, particularly on 5.45mm and 5.56mm Kalashnikovs. If you want the very first volume, you’ll certainly such as this one – it had been brought by Ray Vickers with myself and Take advantage of Stott co-authoring, and addition contributions from Maxim Popenker, Miles Vining, Nic Jenzen-Johnson, Jack Dutschke, Kevin Greggory, Lyndon Schooler, Vladimir Onokoy, Zoltan Szoros, Jonathan Ferguson, and much more! This volume is 350 pages, with almost the very first half focused on Russian rifles. These includes a lot of our prime-tech interesting developments like balanced-recoil designs together with trials and prototype guns, LMGs, grenade launchers, and a multitude of standard production guns. The 2nd 1 / 2 of it covers all of those other world, including Bulgaria, Burma, China, the Czech Republic, East Germany, Finland, Hungary, Israel, Belgium, Romania, and Nigeria. As before, this really is should have been an espresso table book and never an in depth reference book, but most of us have done our very best to make sure that the…

Know Your Onions: Graphic Design | Book Review
Video / October 23, 2019

Know Your Onions: Graphics is much more of the reference/tips guide for established designers than the usual How You Can Graphics book, however that does not stop it being very helpful! Thank you for watching! TipTutZone [Discord Community Chat]: Website: http://world wide http://world wide kingdom Subscribe: TipTut: https://world wide LinkTCOne: http://world wide Social Networking: Facebook: http://world wide Twitter: http://world wide TipTut Theme Assets: Colour Pattern: http://world wide Fonts: Lovelo, Caviar Dreams