Five Nights at Freddy’s The Silver Eyes GRAPHIC NOVEL Book FNAF Review Unboxing
Video / November 21, 2020

Five Nights at Freddy’s The Silver Eyes GRAPHIC NOVEL Book FNAF Review Unboxing Puppet Steve LEG0’s: Welcome to the Puppet Steve show, The best place for toy and action figure unboxings, game play videos and tons of fun! We mix Toy Unboxings with stop motion, animations, stories, and guest hosts! SUBSCRIBE: SUBSCRIBE TO ZOMBIE STEVE:

Campfire by Shawn Sarles | Horror Book Review
Video / September 12, 2020

Campfire by Shawn Sarles | Horror Book Review #horror #bookreview buy Campfire: Happy book review Friday my friends! This is kind of an opinionated one, so I hope you guys don’t mind too much. If you’ve read this book, please tell me what you thought about it. Black. Lives. Matter Resources: a great video on systemic racism: Zoe Amira’s video: being an anti-racist ally: where to find me: Tweets by ErinMegan20 Business email:

The Outsider Book Review
Video / July 19, 2020

INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY The outsider tells the story of a little league coach Terry Mainland who is arrested for the brutal murder of a young boy called Frank Peterson. He is arrested publicly due to the amount of evidence (his DNA found on the boy and a lot of witness statements) however, Terry has a strong alibi so how can someone be in two places at the same time? I really enjoyed how straight faced the detectives Ralph Anderson and Bill Samuels are in this book. If feels like there are really detectives. The way the first third of the book places out is excellent how they are trying to prove he is guilty even with all the evidence stacked against them. Terry lawyer Howard is also great and you can tell he really cared for Terry and his wife Marcy and he just wants to do what’s right. I really liked reading about frank Peterson’s family also, I just wished it was talked about more. There is also enough supernatural in this book without it getting silly. Something that bothered me was the Donald trump and Stanly Kubrick stuff I just thought it was childish. I fought the…

This House is Haunted – Book Review | The Bookworm
Video / February 21, 2020

Welcome back, bookworms! Today we’re going back to 19th century England, to an old, vast mansion where Eliza Caine is going to be a governess. Her two new wards are there, but there are no parents around. And that’s only the beginning, because there is something malevolent in Gaudlin Haul. Can Eliza figure out what it is, or will she end up being one of the many governesses who died at Gaudlin Haul? Want to know what I thought about the book? Just watch my review! For more reviews and book-related videos, make sure to subscribe: You can also follow me on: Instagram: Twitter: thebookwormchen Join me next time: I’m uploading book-related videos every other Friday. ———————————————- You might also like these videos: * The Silent Companions, book review: * My Favorite Horror Novels: * The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter, book review: * The Watcher in the Shadows, book review: ———————————————- Intro Music: The Path of the Goblin King v2 Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License ———————————————- I’m opened to suggestions! Want to hear a specific review? Recommend me something? Ask for a video or…

Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky – BOOK REVIEW
Video / October 31, 2019

Here’s my ramble overview of Imaginary Friend by Stephen Chbosky! You will find a copy here: RachelRae YT: https://world wide Twitter: IG: Music by Ryan Little – Lovesick. (Nomad’s Heart) –

Fatal Frame (movie vs book) review
Video / October 12, 2019

https://world wide japanese horror movies are also an interest of mine. j-horror reviews is one thing we type of fell into. viewer wanted me to complete japanese horror so we are doing japanese horror. but allow me to begin again. Hello I am ruunya and welcome to moderately where all media is fair game. Should you enjoyed reading this video, please consider striking the LIKE button and Discussing! It will help Hugely. and there are yet why hit subcribe https://world wide Erma https://world wide ghost tales https://world wide # Dorrs of Horror https://world wide Kuchisake-onna playlist https://world wide Hanako https://world wide Bunshinsaba https://world wide hide and go seek alone https://world wide the Werewolf games https://world wide Ending described https://world wide #fatalframe #japaneseghosts #yokai

IT by Stephen King #bookreview
Video / September 12, 2019

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