THE BALLAD OF SONGBIRDS AND SNAKES – BOOK REVIEW 📚 | Did The Hunger Games universe need a prequel?
Video / May 29, 2020

Here’s my review of the much-hyped “The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes” – the prequel to the Hunger Games series. I was definitely interested in this book and when I could snag the audiobook on release day I went for it. Tune in for all my thoughts, opinions and some ranting. Did you read it? Let me know what you thought – did it meet your expectations? Exceed them? Or miss the mark? 🎥 MORE BOOK REVIEWS TO CHECK OUT: April Reading Wrap-Up Part 1: April Reading Wrap-Up Part 2: March Reading Wrap-Up: February 2020 Wrap-Up: January Wrap-Up – Part 1: January – Part 2: Let’s Be Social ✨ Instagram: Twitter: Goodreads: Email:

Video / May 28, 2020

And so i conclude the Red Rising Trilogy with my Morning Star Book Review. ======================================== MORNING STAR By Pierce Brown ==================================== BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL RED RISING GOLDEN SON MORNING STAR IRON GOLD DARK AGE ======================= WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #redrising #morningstar #booktube

The Long Walk by Stephen King(Book Review)
Video / May 20, 2020

This is my review of the book The Long Walk by Stephen King, originally published under his pseudonym Richard Bachman. At the end of this video two friends of mine show up to give their thoughts on this book. Publication Date: 1979 Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Horror Plot: Set in an alternate universe where every year the United States government holds a competition where 100 teenaged boys have to walk in a marathon. There can only be one winner (or survivor) of this marathon.

Video / May 17, 2020

Continuing Pierce Brown’s Red Rising Trilogy, I Review Golden Son. GOLDEN SON by Pierce Brown =============================== BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL RED RISING GOLDEN SON MORNING STAR IRON GOLD DARK AGE BOX SET ============================= WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #redrising #goldenson #piercebrown

Video / May 13, 2020

Another selection from my Sci Fi TBR list. My Girdlinked Book Review. GRIDLINKED by NEAL ASHER ========================= BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL AGENT CORMAC BOOKS #1 GRIDLINKED #2 THE LINE OF POLITY #3 BRASS MAN #4 POLITY AGENT #5 LINE WAR OTHERS: PRADOR MOON THE SKINNER DARK INTELLIGENCE ======================= WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #nealasher #agentcormac #polity

BOOK REVIEW: The Swarm by Frank Schätzing
Video / May 4, 2020

Book: The Swarm by Frank Schätzing Support me on Patreon: Amazon Wish List: Tweets by erikacenteno_ Review requests/Business inquires: ~erika Sailors Lament by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

Video / April 24, 2020

By popular demand, you told me to read it, I obeyed. Here is my Red Rising Book Review. Red Rising by Pierce Brown. ======================================== BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL RED RISING GOLDEN SON MORNING STAR IRON GOLD DARK AGE 5 BOOK SET ========================== WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #redrising #goldenson #morningstar

Annihilation Book Review
Video / April 24, 2020

My girlfriend was raving about this book and gave it to me to read. So what did I think of it? Let’s find out! Twitter: @Travis_McBee Facebook: My Books:

Video / April 19, 2020

You told me to read it, so as promised, here is The Stainless Steel Rat – Book Review. The Stainless Steel Rat – 1961 – By Harry Harrison ================================= BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT OMNIBUS THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT’S REVENGE THE STAINLESS STEEL SAVES THE WORLD THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT WANTS YOU THE STAINLESS STEEL RAT FOR PRESIDENT ======================== WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #thestainlesssteelrat #booktube #bookreview

Book Review: Frank Herbert — Dune
Video / April 15, 2020 I apologize for the poor camera focus, but trying to make all the same points again and pretend like I wasn’t repeating myself felt too fake. Here, finally, are my thoughts on the epic science fiction novel Dune, written by Frank Herbert.

The Cyberiad ║ Book Review ║★★★★
Video / April 14, 2020

Thoughts on Stanislaw Lem’s “The Cyberiad” Look it up on Goodreads: Find me at: My Goodreads –

Dune (Book Review)
Video / April 12, 2020

#Dune #Review #Dune2020 Review of the 1965 Science Fiction Classic! Please like and Subscribe. Thanks! Spacing Guild Heighliner by Alex Jay Brady Thufir Hawat by Sam Weber Castle Caladan by Andrew Ryan Art Gom Jabbar by Sidharth Chaturvedi Gom Jabbar by Sam Weber Atreides by Tom Kraky Baron Harkonnen by Maxew Gurney Halleck by zak Hartong Dr. Yueh by Aleksandra Korbolewska Lady Jessica By Mark Zug Ornithopter by Michael Soong Lady Jessica and Paul by Mark Molnar Stilgar by Sam Weber Lady Jessica by Sam Weber Alia by Stephane Boissee Fremen by Simon Goinard

BOOK CLUB THE POWER BY Naomi Alderman Book Review
Video / April 9, 2020

The Power By Naomi Alderman Book Review! Switch To HD! Click to View in HD! Hello Today’s book review of The Power Novel; the importance, dystopians in general and answer questions about the book Obama selected as one of his favorite of the year. Like if you have read the book; Hope you enjoyed the review and Open Dialogue! Would love to continue this convo below in the comments! Like, Comment, Share The Power, Barack Obama’s Reading List, Barack Obama’s Book List, Naomi Alderman, Margaret Atwood, Handmaid’s Tale, Handmaid’s Tale Review, Handmaids Tale Book Review, Book Review, Booktube, Books TO read, women writers, American writers, Best Books, Must Read Books, Book Of the Month, Book of the Week, Young Adult writers, Dystopian Reads, Fiction Books, Good Reads, handmaids Tale, Feminist Books, Feminism, Black Booktuber, Best of Hulu, cult classics, Historical Fiction, feminist books, feminist, feminism, amazon books, the library, Oprah’s book club, New York times best seller, YA Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Alternate History, Sci Fi, Good Reads, The Book Club, Affiliate link If you purchase any books (does not affect price):

Video / April 9, 2020

For my very first dedicated book review, The Three Body Problem. My subscribers overwhelmingly recommended this novel by Cixin Liu. So welcome Booktube. =========================================================== THE THREE BODY PROBLEM by CIXIN LIU =========================== WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #booktube #bookreview #threebodyproblem

Video / April 8, 2020

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