Work Energy Book Review – Self-Help Book By Income School’s Jim Harmer #SHORTS
Video / January 13, 2021

Jim Harmer’s Work Energy book is a self-help book designed to help you find your Work Energy. I didn’t find the book to have a useful framework for that but I did find it to be really interesting nonetheless. Especially as I’m both a member of Jim Harmer’s course by Income School, Project 24 and a subscriber on their Youtube channel. If you’re a content creator looking to get motivated and learn more about the back story of an ‘everyday guy’ who through hard work and determination has been able to become a multi-millionaire then this book is for you. If you’re looking for a framework to determine your work energy to then apply this to your career or life, then this book might not be for you. #SHORTS 🚀 Video Resources Work Energy – 🌐 Products I Recommend Reselling items – Matched betting items – Financial items –

The Life Changing Magic of NOT Giving A F**k Book Review #SHORTS
Video / January 2, 2021

The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving A F**k is a book by Sarah Knight and a pun on the bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying Up By Marie Kondo. As it turns out I don’t need this book as much as I thought. I don’t give a ___ about half as much stuff as she spoke about in the examples and found myself skim reading around 70% of the book as a result. 📖 If you are interested in purchasing this book you can do so using my affiliate link here – #SHORTS

4 Simple Steps To Be Successful And Chamathu | Atomic Habits Book Review
Video / December 12, 2020

#4SimpleSteps #SuccessfulAndChamathu #TheBookShow The Book Show, Presents you with a wide range of informative yet witty content. Subscribe to our channel and Stay Tuned with us for more videos. We need your Love & Support forever. _________________________________ Link to buy this book (Atomic Habits): Atomic Habits (Tamil) “5 AM Club” Book review – “Digital Minimalism” Book Review: Here comes the link of PODCASTS of Book shows available on GOOGLE PODCAST – SPOTIFY – JIOSAAVN- APPLE iTUNES – HOST RJ ANANTHI FB – INSTA –… TWITTER – ********** Edit- Title-CG Subash Rollins –… Title Animation Yogesh B – CAMERA Bric-A-Brac Creations –… *********** For more videos SUBSCRIBE to our channel here 👉 Follow Us On Social Media The Book Show FB – Insta –… Twitter – Youtube –… _________________________________ Follow Us On; Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Sharechat – ________________________________ In Association with DIVO – Digital Partner Tweets by divomovies

The White Tiger By Aravind Adiga | Book Review
Video / November 28, 2020

Follow my second channel: @Vinamre… == Connect with me Twitter: LinkedIn:… == About Shaatir Kutta: Shaatir Kutta tumhaara wo dost hai jo haraamzaadgi aur creativity ka mishran karke ye dikhaata hai ki buraai acchi hai. Apne andar ki buraai ko jaaniye. Ussey dariye matt. == Credits Producer: Haameem Hashmi Editor: Yatharth Bhavsar Thumbnail: Rishabh Singh Rajawat Music: Manish Singh

Ikigai Book Review | Know Japanese Secret To Happiness || Motivational Book | Natalia Suri.
Video / October 31, 2020

Here, I am sharing the BOOK REVIEW OF IKIGAI, THE JAPANESE FORMULA TO HAPPINESS. What is the importance of IKIGAI in a person’s life? And how to find happiness in life. ============================================================ My sessions with FRANCESC MILLARES. Session 1- About his personal life. – Session 2- Writing Tips by Francesc Millares. – =========================================================== Do check out my video- ON BOOKS. BOOK REVIEW OF THINK LIKE A MONK HOW DIFFERENT IS IT FROM THE LAW OF ATTRACTION BOOKS- 5 Books on Hinduism and Hindu Philosophy Check Out My Video – WHY CHETAN BHAGAT SELLS IN SPITE OF MILLIONS OF DISLIKES- Know the UNKNOW FACTS ABOUT AGATHA CHRISTIE WHAT ARE THE TECHNIQUES SHE UTILIZED IN HER BOOKS- (Series1) ( Series 2 ) ============================================================ BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS- 5 books that will make you a millionaire- 5 books on the CRAFT OF WRITING- 5 Thrillers by Indian Authors- 5 Psychological Thrillers You Must Read- 5 Conspiracy Thrillers Based In Christianity – ============================================================ Do check out my video on – What is Tantra and Tantriks- In Conversation with Tantrik Shivani Durga- Wicca- MY MEETING WITH A REAL LIFE WITCH IN SOUTH DELHI AND MY PERSONAL…

Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty | HONEST Book Review | Find PEACE AND PURPOSE
Video / September 28, 2020

Hola bookGeeks, in this video, I bring to you the honest book review of Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty. I recently finished reading the book and had some major things to learn from it. Some of these major learnings I’ve tried to share in this video. If you are looking for a self-help book that will help you find peace and purpose in life, then this is really good to pick up especially so when you are not a voracious or even a regular reader. Chapters 0:00 Intro 0:50 Book Review 1:16 Who Can Read? 1:23 What to Expect? 2:47 The various sections 5:33 New things, new concepts, new learnings 7:05 What did I unlearn? 7:49 What did I like? 9:11 The best part 11:09 Other Stories – Find Your Dharma 12:32 The Final Verdict 13:27 Conclusion Buy Think Like a Monk – Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty Book Review on my blog – Other videos that you may also enjoy – 10 Things That Are Wrong With Indian Readers - Best Biography Books to Read | A List of 5 Books – Best Mystery and Thriller Recommendations – My Reading and…

IKIGAI Book Review | The Japanese Formula For Happiness
Video / September 21, 2020

Reviewing one of my favourite books – Ikigai Facebook Bookclub Group Link : Buy the book from here : My Amazon Affiliate Link: Follow my channel if you love to Read! Follow me on other social platforms : Instagram: Goodreads: Twitter: Wordpress Blog: Facebook Page: —————————————————– For Business inquiries please mail to :

Mindset by Carol Dweck Audiobook | Book Summary in Hindi | Animated Book Review
Video / May 19, 2020

This book is Mindset written by Carol Dweck Audiobook. Its a Book Summary in Hindi with Animated Book Review. Learn about Business, Parenting, School& Relationship. यह book एक fixed mindset वाले लोगों और एक growth mindset वाले लोगो के बीच के differences को discuss करती है। हमारे mindset, though situations और failure से निपटने के साथ-साथ खुद से निपटने और improve करने की हमारी इच्छा को तय करते है। यह book demonstrate करती है कि, हम अपने mindset को बदलकर अपने goals को कैसे हासिल कर सकते हैं। About author Carol Dweck, Stanford Universityमे Psychology की एक professor हैं। Mindset के अलावा, उन्होंने Self-Theories: Their Role in Motivation, Personality and Development औरHandbook of Competence and Motivationभी publish की है। Don’t forget to LIKE, COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE the Channel Subscribe Channel – Email us at :- Facebook : Instagram : Best Self Help Books Spiritual Books Entrepreneur, Business & Startup Books Magic – Law of Attraction 21 Days Learning Challenge Network Marketing Books Products Used to Create this Video 1. Zoom H1n Mic – Best for YouTubers for Voice Records 2. TriPod – Digitek DTR 550LW Professional Tripods for Cameras 3. Dell Inspiron 5370 13.3-inch…

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb | Book Review
Video / May 13, 2020

Today I’m reviewing Lori Gottlieb’s new memoir Maybe You Should Talk to Someone: A Therapist, HER Therapist, and our Lives Revealed. *You may notice the audio on this video is a a little wonky. I had to filter out background noise, causing a minor distortion of the audio quality. I shouldn’t have this issue going forward – thanks for your understanding! Check out the book here: United States: UK & International: (The above are affiliate links. Should you choose to purchase, I will receive a very small commission that goes toward the operating expenses for this channel.) Vote on my random TBR picks (while showing the channel some support!): Outro music by Bensound ( Find me on: Goodreads – Twitter – Instagram –

Girl, Wash Your Face: Book Review
Video / April 26, 2020

Hi! I would love to know you thoughts- whether you have read it and liked/disliked it, or haven’t read it and do/don’t want to pick it up 🙂 As per usual, I never feel like I say everything I wanted- agh! Not sure if anyone caught that comment at the beginning, but I read this as part of a side project/video I have been planning since last December. I hope with all my heart it will be ready sometime next month:D (If not, pretend you never read this) Thank you for watching! Here are my links to contact/connect with me: -Goodreads: -Instagram: -Email -Twitter: Tweets by livvie_simone -My redbubble

Arivu Square Trailer | Book Summary Tamil | Book Review Tamil
Video / April 25, 2020

You will be listening to book summaries/book reviews of popular NON-FICTION books in Tamil.The summaries will belong to the categories mentioned below. ** TITLE ** Arivu Square Trailer | Book Summary Tamil | Book Review Tamil ** 3 Categories ** 1. Life changing(Productivity,Happiness,Health,Personal Finance,Ego,Leadership…) 2. Autobiographies(Elon MusK,Steve Jobs,David Goggins,Andre Agassi,Phil Knight…) 3. General knowledge(Artificial intelligence,universe,nanotechnology,human history,driver-less cars..) ** Music ** Music: Youth Musician: @iksonofficial Subscribe to Arivu Square: #books #reading #booksummary #arivusquare

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey | Book Review
Video / April 21, 2020

Stephen R. Covey’s 1989 release ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ became an international bestseller. The author lays out the 7 habits and fundamental principles that enable successful people to achieve goals. Watch the video to know what is that 7 habits which you can apply in your life.

Video / March 11, 2020

Some of you guys requested me to review this book separately, so here is a quick review video for the book. I hope you all will find this video valuable. LINK TO BUY THIS BOOK (This is my affiliate link, if you buy this book with this link then I’ll earn a small amount of commission without costing you anything extra!):,aps,429&sr=8-3&linkCode=ll1&tag=bookjunction-21&linkId=4041257d9f0e4ee194e254485c774698&language=en_IN I really really hope that you all loved this video, if you did then please like, share and subscribe to my channel. It will mean the absolute world to me. You guys are my driving force. Your support and appreciation makes me so happy. Keep supporting me like this. And let’s hit the 10,000 subscribers mark real soon!! Yay!! I am also a professional content and copywriter. I specialize in writing long form, in-depth blog posts and articles. You can check my website to learn more about my services and read some samples. To hire me shoot a mail to Connect with me here: Facebook: Instagram: For any business related concern, mail me at And I’ll see you guys in my next video, until then keep showering your love. XoXo Lots of love,…

The Best Book I Read in 2019
Video / January 2, 2020

Start improving your problem-solving skills with Brilliant: – if you’re one of the first 200 to sign up, you’ll get 20% off your annual subscription. Huge thanks to Brilliant for sponsoring this video and supporting my channel! The best productivity book I read in 2019 isn’t a productivity book at all. Today, I’ll share that book with you, along with my top three lessons from it. —- #productivity #bestbooks —- 📗Get my book “10 Steps to Earning Awesome Grades” FREE: Want to Earn Better Grades? 🐦Follow Me: Instagram ➔ Twitter ➔ Music Channel ➔ Podcast ➔ Spotify Study Playlist ➔ 📡Subscribe to My Channel: 🎥My Video Gear: 🎧Background music via Musicbed. Get a 30-day free trial of awesome music for your videos: 💰 I’m fortunate enough to work with great sponsors who support my work, so I don’t use Patreon or any other crowdfunding service. However, if you’d like to support a worthy cause, consider donating to help more children get access to a high-quality education:

Video / November 18, 2019

Change to HD! 10 DAY SMOOTHIE CLEANSE The Review & RESULTS My Loose ten pounds in ten days video on my small lifestyle funnel really was a magazine overview of 10 Day Smoothie Cleanse By JJ Cruz so wanted to see everyone too! I Really Hope this can help anybody who is not feeling like themselves, requires a detox, or really wants to loose weight. I’ve had this book for four years and also the nutritionist who authored this can be a black lady. Related tags, The Review, Self-help Books, Detox, Cleanse, Weight Reduction, Weight loss tactics, loose inches off your waist, smoothie recipes, eco-friendly smoothie, cleanse results, fitness journey, BookTube, black book tuber,

5 Books That’ll Change Your Life | Book Recommendations | Doctor Mike
Video / November 2, 2019

Audible special — acquire one download free having a free thirty day trial! Visit https://world wide OR text “doctormike” to 500500 to assert. Hi guys! Now I’d like to express the top five books you need to read in 2018, essentially, this really is my very own little the review. These books won’t assist you to understand yourself better but additionally individuals surrounding you! What exactly are your existence altering book strategies for 2018? Share them within the comment section below. Remember a subscription for any new video weekly ▶ Let’s connect: IG Twitter Facebook Contact Email: P.O. Box: 340 W 42nd St # 2695 NY, NY 10108 Federal trade commission: This video is backed by Audible