Book Bundle BOLOS by Mike Rezendes II AKA Reezy Resells Book Review by Coach Dom Costa
Video / March 25, 2020

#bookreview #getthisbook #bookbundle #bolos Book Bundle BOLOS by Mike Rezendes II AKA Reezy Resells Book Review by Coach Dom Costa Reezy Resells drops awesome tips for you book sellers on @amazon on how to put together sets or bundles of books for submission to Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) The ever energetic and positive author breaks it down in this book! Great job by this author! What a great resource! I learned! Find Reezy Resells on ALL social media for more encouraging and helpful advice on the resell game! Get Reezy’s book here: Punch that like button and thanks in advance!!! Check out the rest of my 2020 Reviews!!!! Subscribe to my channel: Find me on these social medias to shoot me any questions-I love to help!!!! On Instagram: On Twitter: On TikTok: @coachdomcosta And follow Coach Dom Costa on Snapchat Find me at: Try tubebuddy for all of your video needs:

Side Hustle from Idea to Income in 27 Book Review
Video / November 18, 2019

I really like books that let you know exactly what the book is all about within the title, and that’s what Chris Guillebeau, it’s taking a concept to side hustle in 27 days. Now within this the review im likely to break lower the top five nuggets I discovered within this book, together with a small review of the whole book. Side Hustle from Idea to Earnings in 27 The Review Primary Points 1. Structure from the Book Week 1: it comes down to obtaining the best ideas and weighting against one another ( nothing massive that needs 5.3million to begin) Week 2: It comes down to picking the very best ideas – Evaluating potential profit for one another – And try to choosing your very best idea and never waiting Week 3: Get ready for Launch – This obtaining all you need to get began – Ensuring it is possible Week 4: Launch the concept towards the Correct people Primary Lesson: Don’t spend your time attempting to convince people rather well over the merchandise to individuals which are interested. Week 5: Regroup and Improve – This is about by taking your launch to see what went negative and positive…

100 Side Hustles without Quitting your Job Book Review | Chris Guillebeau
Video / October 1, 2019

100 side hustles by Chris Guillebeau, and it is what it really seems like. A magazine about 100 various kinds of side hustles that you can do quietly while still preserving your job. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ Now within this video, I will break lower the five core ideas within this book, with regards to developing a side hustle. And if you wish to look at this book free of charge, I in addition have a link lower below for audible, and you’ll get 2 free books. Remember a side hustle is one thing that’s outside of your work, that you simply control and enables you to money. And doesn’t need you to quit your work either. Example: After i Was College, I’d re-sell Iphone to create extra money. 100 Side Hustles without quitting your work The Review Chris Guillebeau 1. Look for a Problem and Solve it and make certain you want solving it Story To Why: Should you desired to something and stated, man if perhaps someone invented this, or someone must solve this. One time i is at senior high school, If only someone create an application which takes an image of math problems and solve it…