Starsight by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review
Video / June 22, 2020

I finally got around to reading the second book in this young adult science fiction series by Brandon Sanderson. There are some very mild spoilers for the first book and the beginnings of this second book. Otherwise, it would be impossible to talk about in any amount of depth. My Review of the First Book: My Sanderson Reviews: Subscribe to my channel here: _______________________________________________ Goodreads: Twitter: Instagram: Personal Channel: Nook’s Instagram: Nanook’s Channel: _______________________________________________

Video / December 17, 2019

A spoiler-free and spoiler review for Starsight by Brandon Sanderson, the sequel to Skyward. Art IG page: My Book: My Instagram: Peace and Turmoil Instagram: Twitter: Website: My Patreon: Here’s the link to the charity Save the Children. Feel free to share this link with others! 2040 S Alma School Rd. Ste 1 Box 515 Chandler, AZ 85286 USA #starsight #skyward #brandonsanderson

Skyward by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review
Video / December 13, 2019

I finally picked up Skyward by Brandon Sanderson! Here are my thoughts on it (I filmed this before the second book had been released). Let me know what you thought of this one! My Other Sanderson Reviews (so far): Subscribe to my channel here: _______________________________________________ Goodreads: Twitter: Instagram: Personal Channel: Nook’s Instagram: Nanook’s Channel: _______________________________________________

Starsight Book Review
Video / November 27, 2019

► Subscribe for any new the review almost every other week! 🙂 ► Starsight: (refereal link) My The Review for Starsight by Brandon Sanderson. Starsight may be the follow up to Skyward, the very first book within the series. I truly enjoyed Skyward and so i desired to read Starsight too, and I’ll present my ideas within this review! ▬ Social Networking ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ► Instagram: https://world wide ► Twitter: ► Goodreads: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬

The OmniDog &OmniCat Comic Book Review Show – 11/9/19
Video / November 10, 2019

Books discussed – The Dam Keeper (First Second) The Tea Dragon Festival (OniPress) Namwolf (Albatross) The Seem around the globe Off By Heart (Lion Forge/Magnetic Press) Mooncakes (Lion Forge) Skyward – Image Heathen – Vault Spider-Man: A Existence Story – Marvel Stairs – Image Hex Spouses – Electricity Vertigo #thedamkeeper #theteadragonfestival #thesoundoftheworldbyheart #mooncakes #skyward #heathen #spidermanalifestory #stairs #hexwives

Video / August 10, 2019

Here is a non-spoiler overview of Skyward by Brandon Sanderson 🙂 I acquired a Patreon! Take a look here: https://world wide Interested in my opinion? Learn more here: https://world wide Here’s the hyperlink towards the charitable organization Save the kids. You can share here with other people! Instagram: https://world wide

Skyward – by Brandon Sanderson | Book Review
Video / July 27, 2019

Here’s my the review for Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, his new Youthful Adult SciFi series! Tell me that which you considered it, and for those who have a popular Sanderson book/series! (Mine may be the Stormlight Archive) Buy Skyward (using my affiliate link helps the funnel): Credit links to any or all the astonishing fanart (artists are linked within this Google Drive folder): Sanderson’s Short-Story within the same world (spoilers…kinda): My written review: https://world wide My Etsy Shop: https://world wide How you can offer the funnel: Amazon . com Affiliate link: Amazon . com wishlist: https://world wide . Book Depository Affiliate Link: http://world wide Wish to send me something? Here’s my PO Box: PO BOx 21085 Polson Po Vernon, BC V1T 9T7 (inform me in advance and so i know to determine the PO box) How to locate me: GoodReads: https://world wide Instagram: https://world wide Twitter: @Taken_Words