Video / May 22, 2020

Finally, after over 30 years of pondering, The Gunslinger Book Review. ======================================================== THE GUNSLINGER – BOOK REVIEW (Dark Tower #1) By Stephen King ===================== BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL THE DARK TOWER SERIES #1 THE GUNSLINGER #2 THE DRAWING OF THE THREE #3 THE WASTE LANDS #4 WIZARD AND GLASS #5 WOLVES OF THE CALLA #6 SONG OF SUSANNAH #7 THE DARK TOWER THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE ================================== WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #thegunslinger #thedarktower #stephenking

The Outsider by Stephen King | Book Review
Video / November 29, 2019

NO SPOILERS. Lucy’s review for that Outsider by Stephen King. Could it be well worth the hype? Discover what she thinks! Much more about The Outsider: Find books you’ll love and readers as if you at Twitter: Instagram: https://instagram/Bookaxe

Stephen King’s Books I’ve Read || Recommendations & Reviews || Thriller/Horror Fall Books
Video / October 7, 2019

Listed here are my review around the books I’ve read by Stephen King! I am telling you which of them were the very best and my top picks which of them I would suggest you choose up for that fall! Plenty of extremely popular titles like It, The Stand and also the Gunslinger and a lot of thriller, horror recommendations! Top: (use EMILYFOX10 for discount!) Lipstick: _______________ BOOKS Pointed out ______________ The Lengthy Walk ╰ Amazon . com (US) ╰ Book Depository (Int) ╰ Amazon . com (CAN) The Important Man ╰ Amazon . com (US) ╰ Book Depository (Int) ╰ Amazon . com (CAN) The Gunslinger (Book one of the Dark Tower Series) ╰ Amazon . com (US) ╰ Book Depository (Int) ╰ Amazon . com (CAN) It ╰ Amazon . com (US) ╰ Book Depository (Int) ╰ Amazon . com (CAN) The Stand ╰ Amazon . com (US) ╰ Book Depository (Int) ╰ Amazon . com (CAN) Pet Sematary ╰ Amazon . com (US) ╰ Book Depository (Int) ╰ Amazon . com (CAN) Sleeping Special gems ╰ Amazon ….

The Institute by Stephen King 👩‍⚕️💉👨‍⚕️ [Book Review]
Video / September 28, 2019

Where one can buy: My merch store: The Institute may be the latest Stephen King book. I have read many Stephen King books, which is his best recent book in a long time, despite the fact that it is affected with some unnecessary political jabs, it features certainly one of, otherwise, the very best ending that King has ever written. Awkward Meeting by Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3. License Hi, I am A. G. Macdonald: I am a Booktuber and content creator. If you want this video, please subscribe. – Follow Me – Twitter: Theme Song: Wolf by Jer (https://world wide…) #TheInstitute #StephenKing #BookReview