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Video / October 17, 2020

Swami (स्वामी) this Marathi book is based on the story of Madhavrao Peshwa. Swami is based on the life and character of Madhavrao who resurrected the Maratha empire. He revived the lost glory and pride. The extent of the empire was now wider than before. He contained the enemy. Swami sketches the personal life of the Peshwa and especially poignant are the parts covering the discomfort he feels when Raghunathrao is a thorn in his flesh, and his untimely death. The novel throws light on the political, social and cultural history of the mid-Peshwa era. The portrayal of the bond between Madhavrao and his wife, Ramabai, is a special feature. Ranjit Desai (1928-1992) tackled the genre of novels with such ease that his collection includes all types of novels: historical, social, mythological, and biographical. He was also a playwright and has to his credit short stories. _______________________________ Official Book Sponsor: MAJESTICREADERS.COM https://www.majesticreaders.com To buy this book visit: https://www.majesticreaders.com/book/1392/swami-ranjeet-desai-mehta-publishing-house-buy-marathi-books-online-at-majesticreaders-8177666444 Coupon Code: sensible20 _______________________________ About this book. Writer: Ranjeet Desai Publisher: Mehta Publishing House _______________________________ SUBSCRIBE: https://goo.gl/dBYp23 Also, Watch Our Popular Series: Bookमी http://bit.ly/Bookमी Bookमी Quicks http://bit.ly/Bookमी-Quicks नाटक Factory http://bit.ly/नाटक-Factory Sensible Talks http://bit.ly/Sensible-Talks SMP Specials http://bit.ly/SMP-Specials _ For Inquiry: https://sensiblemediaproduction.com Follow Us:…

मराठी भाषांतर : Swami & Friends By R.K.Narayan( Book Review) : Std.10th(L.L) #EnglishForLearners
Video / August 10, 2019

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