Video / May 22, 2020

Finally, after over 30 years of pondering, The Gunslinger Book Review. ======================================================== THE GUNSLINGER – BOOK REVIEW (Dark Tower #1) By Stephen King ===================== BUY THE BOOKS TO SUPPORT THE CHANNEL THE DARK TOWER SERIES #1 THE GUNSLINGER #2 THE DRAWING OF THE THREE #3 THE WASTE LANDS #4 WIZARD AND GLASS #5 WOLVES OF THE CALLA #6 SONG OF SUSANNAH #7 THE DARK TOWER THE WIND THROUGH THE KEYHOLE ================================== WE STARTED A CULT JOIN US SUBSCRIBE #thegunslinger #thedarktower #stephenking

Mike’s Book Reviews – 5 Stephen King Books I’ve Not Read (but intend to!)
Video / November 20, 2019

Mike discusses 5 Stephen King books he either skipped to begin with or just delay studying and why. For book related products, follow along on his Goodreads page at https://world wide For that podcast, visit us at the outlets below: Follow us on Twitter Follow Mike on Twitter Follow Danny on Twitter Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on the internet Play Subscribe online Subscribe on Spotify Subscribe on Stitcher Radio Subscribe on Soundcloud Like us on Facebook Find us on Geek Vibes Nation #StephenKing #TheDarkTower #MikesBookReviews

THE OUTSIDER, by Stephen King – Book Review!
Video / September 25, 2019

Today we review my most anticipated novel of the season, THE OUTSIDER, by Stephen King! Goodreads review: https://world wide Twitter @EdwardLorn Instagram: @EdwardLorn Purchase a book: https://world wide . Support me on Patreon: https://world wide

Book Review #142 – The Gunslinger by Stephen King
Video / August 23, 2019

The person in black fled over the desert, and also the Gunslinger adopted… Goodreads: https://world wide Goodreads: https://world wide Instagram: https://world wide Email: kingdom Twitter: #books #review #booktube