TOP 5 BEST Lay Flat Photo Books [2018]
Video / April 27, 2020

Blog: Facebook: Here is my most requested video. My top 5 (6 actually) picks for photo books from around the world. This is not a sponsored video and my picks are not based on any empirical research, it’s just my personal opinion. To buy any of these books cheaper, use the discount codes on my blog: To read more about this post: My detailed reviews of each book: Saal: Mixbook: Flipchap: Adoramapix: Web: Colorland: ZNO: Instagram: @thephotobookguru Subscribe for more! Put your questions in the comments box.

Book Review – Clean and Dirty Drinking By Gabriella Mlynarczyk
Video / December 22, 2019

Today we review Clean and Dirty Drinking by Gabriella Mlynarczyk an advanced cocktail book which will absolutely up your skillset and inspire you to create using some amazing techniques. I met Gaby when I want to go work with her at a Restaurant called Birch in Hollywood. Birch was a small boutique restaurant on a surprising stretch of Cahuenga Boulevard helmed by British Chef Brendan Collins. I became aware that Gaby was looking to hire a bartender through a post from a friend on Facebook and I went to go meet her. When I found out what she was doing I sought a job with her, knowing that I would learn a lot. And, I was right. Gaby is a one of a kind Bartender and her drink programs are stunning. With this book we can all get a peek into the mind of one of the most original cocktail makers I know. This is a book that will teach you a whole lot, but I must say that the technique explored in this book is a bit advanced and it’s not something that’s going to help you make quick and simple drinks. This book will inspire you to take…

Book Review: Last Call By Brad Thomas Parsons
Video / November 24, 2019

The 2nd Installment within the Bartenders Book Club series Guys! I am psyched to create you another the review! I recently released our first reviewing The Martini Cocktail by Robert Simonson so we got this type of great response which i made the decision not just to do that each month but also to allow it to be the official Book Club for Cocktail Enthusiasts. So here is how it is going to work: Once month I’ll review a magazine and also at the finish from the episode I’ll announce the following several weeks books so everyone are able to have it and browse it, then somewhere toward the finish from the month I’ll to produce video and we all can discuss within the comments! So without further ado…I think you’ll such as the video. Here Are two affiliate links our Amazon . com store for every book and please think about using them if you choose to purchase the books once we obtain a little kickback sales which will help us run this show! Next Month’s Book: Neat and Dirty Consuming by Gabriella Mylnarczyk Here’s links towards the books: Last Call by Kaira Thomas Parsons: Clean + Dirty…

Video / November 1, 2019

Yo Yo Yo! Make certain you suggest a number of your favourite books in my experience too! Lemme understand how you loved the books out of this video! LoveLove! Click the link a subscription :- Connect to My Blog – Much like me on Facebook @ https://world wide Follow me on Twitter @ Follow me on Instagram @ Message me at :- Digitally Operated by One Digital Entertainment [https://world wide] [http://world wide] You are able to email me and send me letters here – 602, Crest Mukta, Off Veera Desai Road, Above Hard Rock Coffee shop, Fun Cinema Lane, near Yash Raj Studio, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053

The Martini Cocktail by Robert Simonson – Book Review
Video / October 26, 2019

A brief Review on a single of Leandro’s Must Read Cocktail Books. since several individuals ask me what cocktail books I just read or what books are without anyone’s knowledge from the videos, I figured up this little video series to deal with that. Many of the understanding I’ve is thru studying and honestly I just read every cocktail book I’m able to get hold of. We discover ourselves currently when you will find tens otherwise countless cocktail books that can come out each year, but which of them are useful? So within this series I guide you through the books I love and why. In reality this video is a touch rough, we are still looking for our voice also it takes Marius and that i a couple of videos to achieve that when attempting something totally new, so relax, relax mix a glass or two and revel in! If you want our funnel, please click and subscribe: Being an Amazon . com affiliate I earn just a little with the links Provided everyone. It goes a lengthy way toward helping us to operate the show! Here is a connect to it I am reviewing: The Martini Cocktail…

Video / July 29, 2019

Blog: Facebook: https://world wide I formerly reviewed the Mixbook Lay Flat books, links below! Within this video I am going to speak about the right bound books, since they have rather different choices. For additional close-up pics on quality take a look at my blog: Mixbook [Non Lay flat] Photo Book – Review Mixbook Lay Flat photo the review: https://world wide Instagram: @guy_around_the_world Subscribe for additional! Place your questions within the comments box.