Black Mountain Book Review: No Spoilers 📙👍🤔👎⭐Rating❓
Video / February 13, 2020

Please click SHOW MORE to open and read all text and access the links to various things you may find helpful, Thanks! Hello one and all, I was sent this book by the author himself. He requested an honest review with no sugar coating. This video is just that. The opinions expressed in the video are mine and getting a free copy of the book did not influence me at all as you will see when you watch my review. How many stars did I rate this book out of 5? You will have to watch to see. I took care not to give anything in the book away, no spoilers and no sugar coating. Just the honest truth from my perspective after having read all 747 pages and 253,000 words! If you would like to visit Viktor Wolfe’s channel here on YouTube you can find it through this link: If you would like to purchase this book for yourself all available formats are available on here: Here is the link for the book on Here is my written review on Goodreads: Thanks for watching.=) Please take a moment to Rate, Comment and Subscribe to my…

Cormac McCarthy – Blood Meridian BOOK REVIEW
Video / July 18, 2019

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