Book Review: Managing Oneself By Peter F Drucker
Video / March 24, 2020

A book review of Managing Oneself By Peter F Drucker. This video was made with the software Toonly. Get Toonly here (affiliate link): See written review here:

The Power of Broke by Daymond John – Animated Book Review
Video / October 29, 2019

The strength of Broke by Daymond John (review / summary) The Ability Broke is a superb book to keep you motivated not just in business however in existence rather than letting the possible lack of money be a reason to chase after your dreams and goals. Have this book ► ▼ Like my funnel? ➜ ▼ Webpage: ▼ Desire a FREE EBOOK? – 7 Steps to Endless Motivation ➜ ▼ Need to make white board animations such as this? It is easy ➜ Video Scribe: ➜ Easy Sketch Pro ▼ ** Let us CONNECT! ** ➜ snapchat: ➜ facebook: https://world wide ➜ twitter: ➜ pinterest: https://world wide ➜ instagram: ➜ blab: ▼ ** Aaron Tupaz’s personal account ** ➜ https://world wide ** Music and Seem Credits ** Urban Loop4 98 – http://world wide Song – Ukulele – Pictures: Created by Freepik

MINDSET by CAROL DWECK – ANIMATED BOOK REVIEW – Take on the mindset just by watching this!
Video / September 10, 2019

“Mindset: The Brand New Psychology of Success” is really a book by Carol Dweck – have it here: This animated book summary provides you with kind of a high cliff notes of what is within the book, but truly, it’s among the best books I have ever read. I still return to this book, daily, and consider the concepts and apply these to my existence: “Shall We Be Held inside a growth or fixed mindset? And just what about this person there?” I can not speak highly enough relating to this book. Should you read one book this season, make certain it’s “Mindset” by Carol Dweck. When it comes to its impact on me yet others, I provide 10 from 10 stars.