“Arnhem” by Antony Beevor Book Review
Video / July 11, 2020

Antony Beevor’s book “Arnhem” is good – but it contains a flawed argument. So flawed, that there’s a ton of counter evidence that shows it doesn’t work. Here, I will explain the events of the Nijmegen battle, what Beevor’s incorrect statement is, why he has to say it like he did, and how he could have done things differently. Check out the pinned comment below for more information, notes, links, and sources. Don’t forget to subscribe if you like history or gaming! And hit the little bell icon to be notified when videos like this are uploaded. Please consider supporting me on Patreon and help make more videos like this possible https://www.patreon.com/TIKhistory

The Man in the High Castle Book Review.
Video / June 10, 2020

This is a Man in the High Castle Plausibility and Book Review. Link to the Review Part of the Video https://youtu.be/Nx4F-ueNoxk?t=330. Sorry, it looks like youtube got rid of the ability to link one part of the video with another. Link to Top 10 most implausible alternate history videos. See numbers 6 for Japanese winning World War 2 and Number 1 for a 20th century invasion of America https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kOjkt2hQJDU.

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl Book Review{HINDI}
Video / April 3, 2020

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Book Review: The Nazi Dictatorship: Problems & Perspectives of Interpretation, Ian Kershaw
Video / November 8, 2019

A magazine overview of Ian Kershaw’s “The Nazi Dictatorship: Problems and Perspectives of Interpretation. Kershaw is among the leading experts around the Third Reich, as well as in this monumental work, he outlines several key issues that historians staring at the periods are divided over, and also gives their own ideas around the matter. For anybody thinking about world war ii, or even the Third Reich generally, this really is needed studying but be cautioned: it’s an advanced text. Offer The Historian’s Craft on Patreon! https://world wide web.patreon.com/thehistorianscraft

Book Review: Bernhard Schlink – The Reader
Video / September 4, 2019

“The Readers” by Bernhard Schlink is really a novel that leaves an impact. You may think your boyfriend or girlfriend is really a creep. But imagine whenever your first great love ends up to possess bloodstream with their hands — plenty of bloodstream. Bernhard Schlink’s novel “The Readers” – here’s our the review video. Exactly what do you consider “The Readers” by Bernhard Schlink? Write us within the comments… #TheReader #BernhardSchlink #BookReview

Book Review: Herta Müller – The Hunger Angel
Video / September 3, 2019

Nobel laureate Herta Müller coins words for hunger and deprivation which are as beautiful because they are painful. Her novel „The Hunger Angel“ informs the storyline of ethnic Spanish people delivered to Soviet labor camps after The Second World War. Here’s our the review! Exactly what do you consider “The Hunger Angel” by Herta Müller? Write it within the comments… #TheHungerAngel #HertaMüller #BookReview

Book Review: Vickers Guide – WWII Germany, Volume 2
Video / July 13, 2019

Available from the writer: https://world wide web.vickersguide.com/ww2-germany-vol2 The most recent Vickers Manual has become available: World war 2 Germany, Volume 2. In which the first volume centered on secure action rifles and submachine guns, this second volume has got the really awesome stuff: semiauto and choose-fire rifles, machine guns, and last-ditch arms. Additionally, it features a section on presentation pistols. And fair disclosure I had been among the adding authors, so you’ll have some of my bylines within the book. The Vickers Guide series are considered unsuitable to become reference books, but instead gorgeous coffee-table material. The photography that James Rupley gives them is simply fantastic an excellent you won’t get in every other firearms print material. That stated, the books have been receiving gradually more in depth within their text commentary with time, which one includes sections from a lot of subject-matter experts – you may just learn something while searching between your photographs! Of particular note within this book when it comes to rarity are generally early and late pattern FG-42s (as well as their accessories), a Grossfuss StG, an StG45(H), MG-30, MKb42(W), along with a folding-stock G33/40 rifle. If you are looking at German World war 2…