the 100 dollars Startup Book Review | Chris Guillebeau

November 25, 2019

The $100 start-up by Chris Guillebeau, I’ve read lots of books promising to educate you how to begin a company, however this one was different. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬

So within this video im likely to review 5 from the ideas I discovered within this book and provide everyone a listing of it also.

the a hundred dollars startup the review Chris Guillebeau

1. Passion is just 1/three of the equation, additionally you need skills and customers.

Story: You will know one friend that visited college to pursue the love without getting any skills inside it, or with no skill finding yourself in demand.

Results: They Graduate with education loan debt with no job.

How to proceed: You need to make certain You like that which you pick

You’re Good at it

People covers it


A: I really like signing however i most likely i am not good at it, with no you might pay to listen to me sing

B: I love Solving business-related problems and im proficient at it, people would purchase my solutions since it will make them more income.

2. If you would like your passion to become greater than a hobby, concentrate on earnings and charges.

Story: I understand this member of the family and she’s super gifted, and she has been drawing for that longest time ever but hasn’t offered significant yet.

Results: She focuses a great deal around the passion and also the hobby although not enough around the marketing facet of it.

How to proceed: You need to run make sure find out if people care enough to purchase what your making or maybe its really only a hobby and squandering your money


A: I’m the very best Pizza eater within the 21 first century however it was that to become lucrative.

B: I must investigate on pizza companies, how people online get compensated to consume and collaboration with dominos, and so forth.

Tip: A hobby is really a hobby, and that’s okay.

3. Keep the plans simple, because action beats them each time.

Story: I’d a large issue where everything must be perfect before Used to do it, and for whatever reason, It seemed like the greater complicated something was, the greater efficient it had been.

Results: Dealing with people, they’d difficulty understanding my work since i over complicated it an excessive amount of.

How to proceed: Concentrate on the actions that leave results and them simple

Tip: Anything your doing, they’re usually 4 new ways to get it done, always keep it simplistic if you’re able to.

4. What individuals want and just what they are saying they need isn’t necessarily exactly the same

Story: each year people complain about something that over 200million use worldwide, that’s the iPhone. People think they are fully aware what they need, however , it normally won’t.

Results: Apple is definitely pushing technology forward, if the customers would like them to or doesn’t

How to proceed: Concentrate on exactly what the customer would like, not the things they say they need. (it’s different)

Ps. In case your getting 100 positive comments and feedback and something individual is providing you with crazy feedback search for positives within it, however the customers isn’t always right.

5. Be in front of the problem

Story: You attempted to something on the internet and had problems buying, coming back or with customers service

Results: Usually, that will mean you will possibly not return to that business purchase from them.

How to proceed: Concentrate on taking into consideration the issues before they are available up and getting an answer ready.

Example: before you decide to launch a company, consider exactly what may go wrong and determine the solutions.

Bonus: A lot of real business advise







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