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July 5, 2020

The 5 am club summary emphasizes the importance of having a beast morning routine. If you have been thinking about how to start a morning routine? Robin Sharma’s book The 5 AM Club will show you how the first hour of the day is the most important one.
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Inside the Program:
👉 LIVE Q&A’s
👉 5 STEP Productivity Framework
When is the best time to study? When is the best time to work? Well, I would say that the most productive time for most people is early in the morning. So if you can incorporate your most creative work/studies in the morning. But just before you start you should start your day with a proper morning routine that will put you in the right state. And in this, the 5 am club review you will discover exactly that.

Here are the 5 am club takeaways:
Number 1 – Your brain state at 5am
Number 2 – 4 rules to become one of the greats
Number 3 – 4 interior empires
Number 4 – 20/20/20 formula
Number 5 – Embrace the sleep

To start your day in the best way you must have a great morning routine, something like – morning inspirations for work to make sure that you perform at your best.

Thank you guys for watching this episode and I will see you soon.

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