The Art Of Thinking Clearly By Rolf Dobelli | Book Review & Summary

July 5, 2020

The art of thinking clearly summary focuses on decision making and what internal and external factors affect it. If you want to make the right decisions than it’s important to keep your mind clear. The Art Of Thinking Clearly is written by Rolf Dobelli.
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In this book review we will take a look at different elements that impact our decision making like Illusion of control, Social Proof, Information interpretation, comparison effect, emotional decisions and more so that you can become more self-aware of what is influencing your decisions.

Here are 6 main takaways from The art of thinking clearly review:
1 – We attribute our successes to our own abilities and failures to external forces?
2 – Illusion of control
3 – Social Proof
4 – Information interpretation
5 – How comparison affects us
6 – Keep your decision making in check

I hope you enjoyed this the art of thinking clearly book review and it will help you to make better decisions

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