The China Study | Summary & Book Review

December 5, 2019

The China Study book is 400 pages lengthy, and to tell the truth — it’s a little heady. And that’s why I wish to break lower it into this one hour web based course.

In a nutshell, The China Study is called “probably the most comprehensive study of diet which has have you been conducted.” It offers outcomes of an investigation project that incorporated 6,500 quickly a 20 year time period. It’s epic.

The whole project was supervised via a partnership between Cornell College, Oxford College, and also the Chinese Academy of Preventative Medicine. It is co-created by T. Colin Campbell (Ph.D in Diet and Biochemistry from Cornell College) and the boy Thomas M. Campbell.

This the review is my summary of The China Study. Although the book constitutes a strong “plant-based” argument, I’ve no agenda but to educate, and share this point of view using the world. I’ll likely do similar videos on Paleo along with other sides from the argument later on. So for the time being, let us watch, have curious conversations and discover from one another.

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