The Fifth Discipline Book Review – The Learning Organization “Bible”

November 29, 2019

The only real organizations which will survive the perpetual-condition-of-change are individuals that participate in a continuous-condition-of-learning, or as Peter Senge calls them – Learning Organizations.

Transforming your business right into a “learning organization” can be tough, particularly if your business is rooted in industrial age paradigms.

The genius of Peter Senge’s book, is a result of the truth that he offers his readers an clear to see, method to lead your business in the industrial towards the information age.

Peter Senge also introduces with great mastery and utmost simplicity, the concepts of recent-science (chaos, complexity, systems’ theory) where he basis his methodology.

The main reason this book is required studying for those M2MSys collaborators happens because M2MSys uses exactly the same concepts, to enhance business processes. (

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