The Ideological Attack

September 24, 2018

Author : Syaikh Abdul Aziz bin Baz

Language : English

Format Ebook : PDF

Description : At the time of publication, the author of this book, the eighty-nine year old scholar – Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin Baaz – passed away on the morning of Thursday 27th of Muharram, 1420 H. (corresponding to the 13th of May 1999 CE). His death is indeed a great loss to the Islamic world. We ask Allaah by His Most Beautiful Names, to bestow mercy and forgiveness upon the exemplary imaam, naseemul-hjaaz (the gentle and refreshing breeze of Arabia), Shaykh ‘Abdul-‘Azeez bin ‘Abdullaah bin Baaz, and that He illuminates his grave and grants him al-Firdaws; the highest Paradise. Indeed Allaah is the One Who hears and the One Who responds.

The book that is now in the hands of the noble reader, addresses the nature of the ideological attack. It discusses the rationale behind this attack, its objectives, its scale, as well as the means employed by the enemies to achieve these objectives.

The actual basis for this book is a translation of two separate interviews. The first interview centers upon the root cause for the ummah’s weakness and our obligations towards the Islamic world. The second interview deals more specifically with the ideological attack against the Islamic world. I have added subheadings to each treatise, referenced the ahaadeeth and also added some footnotes, all of which I hope will prove useful to the noble reader – and all praise is for Allaah by Whose grace all good deeds come to a completion. Although these interviews took place over a decade ago, their relevance to our present state of affairs is still very much applicable. Since this ideological attack, rather than having abated, continues vigorously and vehemently, having found yet more avenues to corrupt the hearts of the Muslims, whether

those living in the Islamic lands or those residing as minorities in the lands of the unbelievers! One such avenue of attack is through the satellite and TV. Culture. Through such avenues the Muslims, especially the youth, open themselves up to being influenced and indoctrinated into the culture of the New World Order – a kufr culture – whereby their values, beliefs, ideals and ethics are gradually made to accord with that of this demonic culture. The result being that many a time nothing remains of that victim’s Islamic identity except perhaps a name; and from this Allaah’s refuge is sought. Finally, I would like to express my thanks to those who aided in the translation of this book, especially brother Ihsan ‘Abdullaah who helped greatly with the translation of the second treatise. May Allaah grant him, as well as the others, a goodly reward.

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