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October 28, 2019

The uniform property investor by Gary Keller. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬

Now I’ve read a couple of books on property before and taking courses on property. However, this book is a touch various and not inside a bad way.

So within this video im likely to break my ideas concerning the book and also the 5 core ideas I required from it.

the Uniform Property Investor The Review Gary Keller

1. Buy and possess a Million dollars price of Property

Example: In ways Tommy that’s pretty very similar factor however, it’s really completely different.

– A: Purchase a million – My home is New You are able to, and when bought this house where we rent, well, it might be the same as me buying 500k price of property and when I purchased my neighbors house just such as this one, now I simply purchased a million.

However: Whether I put 20% or 3% lower or nothing Lower, the thing is, I would control millions of dollars price of property, however i do not have millions of dollars price of equity just debt.

– And when not appreciating and it is not cash flowing, then that could be a use problem

Things I learned is that this:

I wish to purchase a million, yes. However, I should also possess a million… as with a million in equity.

2. Hold or Sell ( there are other, but I wish to really concentrate on this)

Example: You are able to switch qualities for any profit or hold and cashflow and make some passive earnings, and often you will not income, however the value will appreciate.


Buying to carry: Can invariably provide a better cost simply because they do not have the tax after selling, and they’ll be holding to determine the home appreciate and cashflow.

Flipping is Job: As soon as you stop, the cash stops arriving

Pro: technology-not only like a foundation for the starter capital.

Things I selected:

I wish to Buy, live, Rent and hold: After which I should also make a move call extreme debt repayment which many people might disagree with, but it’s a showing method. ( Essentially, Take twelve months to dumb just as much cash in to the property to produce equity, then get another property… I’ll create a full video soon)

3. Planning, Budget, and Criteria


Planning: Is deciding why you need to enter into property and make some smart goals

Budget: You need to start budget spend of Check in order to save for the investments ( challenging for some and also have a video onto it )

Link: https://world wide

Criteria: it’s honestly the most crucial from the book, it’s deciding what kind qualities you need to purchase, location, the deal, and much more.

Where I’m:

My Plan: I am not a flipper, I wish to build income and equity

Budget: I’m saving and really should have around just a little over 120k within the next couple of several weeks

Criteria: I’m focusing on it, whether I wish to remain in New You are able to or move elsewhere etc.

Remove: This book doesn’t just break lower the amount, however it enables you to consider details.

Example: My criteria is: I would like just one-home, 3 bedrooms and a pair of baths, made before 1950, and virtually no repairs needed. ( Ps, this not too detailed)

4. Help make your Money Moving in ( Terms)


After you have your criteria, you cannot break it, and should you choose, you against investing to speculating.

How it operates:

Should you stated your criteria reaches least a 30-40k discount value to make certain everything goes okay and also the figures don’t accumulate,or even the seller is providing you with difficulty, you may have to away.

– Move from a purchaser to Shopper


If you notice a house that fits your exact criteria, then execute immediately


Keep to the plan

Ps: the typical investor will appear at 90+ qualities before choosing one ( notice I stated, investor)

5. Leads, Marketing, and Maintenance


You cannot get it done alone, you’ll need a network to offer you leads, like agents for instance or partners or Scouters

Market: To continuously get deals visiting you

Maintenance: Individuals are really the relationships, so you’ve to keep them ( get in touch with monthly )







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