The Power of Moments by Dan and Chip Heath: Book Review & Takeaways

July 8, 2020

The Power of Moments by Dan and Chip Heath is an awesome book for leaders. In this video, I shared a few of my favorite takeaways from the book.

In the book, the authors, Dan and Chip Heath, share their insights about how to create extraordinary moments that leave positive and long-lasting impressions.

From a business perspective, creating these ‘peak moments’ for our clients improves customer satisfaction. The problem is, these peaks don’t just happen by themselves, we have to be intentional about them and that’s where the problem lies. In trying to work out how to provide memorable experiences most leaders actually focus on the wrong metrics and clients (hint: it’s not those that are unhappy that you should focus on!)

The principles from this book can also be applied to your partner, your kids, your colleagues, your friends, and even your employees.

If you’re interested in creating memorable moments and powerful memories, I definitely recommend picking up a copy of The Power of Moments.

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