August 17, 2019

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The strength of Now’s mainly about spirituality. Nevertheless, it has a number of practical insights. A number of wich center around our prevalent daily struggles: Depression, anxiety, fear, worry etc.

My speech turns slightly repetitive explaining the very first concept, Used to do this purposely since the majority don’t practice meditation and so i desired to elaborate the concept in simple words. Meditation practitioners will keep the first insight easily because I am sure they already know that what I am speaking about (remaining present).

Further reason behind concept one:

1- Cultivate negligence for the future e.g: You do not be worried about brushing the teeth the night time before, you initiate the job once the appropriate here we are at it comes down.

2- Nothing happens outdoors the current: Past & future occurences take place in as soon as. You are able to wait for future happening to happen before your vision or spend your time fantasizying.

3- If, however, you enjoy worrying, regardless of how vainly you attempt to alter future occurences, it’ll never mirror your anticipation.

This a person’s said to be a “spiritual concept”(Meditation practitioners grasp it simpler than the others that do not meditate) However I attempted to detail it inside a practical fashion anyhow.

Second Concept:

1- Strive for success, ignore success: The gold is based on mastery. Benefit from the growth you will get in the process.

Thank you for watching, help you soon.

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