The Strong Cowboys of Wilde Series Book [6] – Strong Temptation

February 18, 2019

Author: Chloe Lang

Publish: 2012

Page: 71 pages

Language: English

Format EBook: PDF

Description: This is The Sixth Novel Of The Strong Cowboys of Wilde, Nevada Series By An American Fiction writer Chloe Lang.

Synopsis: Charly Wynn isn’t about to settle down in Wilde. She’s got her own plans, though her heart seems to be going another direction. The more time she spends in Wilde, the more entangled with the six Strong brothers she becomes.

Ever since meeting Charly, Seth Strong can’t get her out of his mind. He vows to make her see that he, Drake, and Dax are perfect for her. Time is running out before Charly leaves Wilde, and him, forever. But Seth won’t let that happen. Somehow he will convince her to stay with him—whatever it takes.

The new pleasures Seth shows Charly thrill her beyond measure, and she begins to fall hard for him. Will Seth help Charly to trust her instincts and choose love over logic? Or will the killer succeed and snuff out her light forever?


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