Why I Love Dostoevsky #Nietzsche #Cioran BOOK REVIEW

October 14, 2020

In this video I’m talking about Dostoevsky, about his life in prison, how he almost died when he was sentenced to death, how he helped a prisoner to learn to read and write, how the prisoner, a murderer, cried when Dostoevsky was free to go out of prison. I’m also talking about Cioran, Nietzsche and their opinions of Dostoevsky. I’m also talking about the way he wrote, in the end, dictating his novels and why I think his dialogues are so alive and powerful. If you like the classics or the names mentioned or similar to them (Rilke, Samuel Beckett and alike), you will enjoy this channel as I will only make YouTube videos about classical literature and essential writers and philosophers (like Schopenhauer and Montaigne). Thank you for your support, if you tell a friend about this channel, it will help me a lot. Also, to keep in touch, subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell. 😀

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#Dostoevsky #Nietzsche #Cioran

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