Silicon valley is the area where the brightest children hatch an idea, begin a company with the hope of changing the world as well as striking it rich.

Throughout the years Wall Street Journal reporter Alexandra Wolfe befriended Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal and serial financier), that presented Wolfe to the globe of silicon valley.

Using the knowledge gained Wolfe recorded silicon valley life in ‘Valley of the Gods’ as well as complied with students of Thiels questionable ’20 under 20′ program.

Thiel granted twenty pupils under the age of twenty $100,000 to ‘quit out’ of school to try as well as commercialise their great suggestion. Thiels strong believe is college is not for every person.

Each student needed to go via a detailed meeting procedure, with those progressing and also winning the $100,000 program who had the most potentially sensible however extreme concepts.

Such as 18-year-old John Burnham who desired to mine asteroids. Burnham couldn’t think it hadn’t already been done, as the minerals within planets are possibly worth billions.

After that there was teenager Laura Denning that was seeking radical solutions for prolonging human life. She had actually currently discovered when the gonads were cut off worms, they lived 60% longer.

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Wolfe’s story followed 3 of these teenagers via their mentorship by the boffins with-in silicon valley, including uncovering exactly how they date, live and dress, which is really eye opening.

It’s a bonkers way of life that these silicon valley boffins lead, however it appears to work for them and allows them to be themselves, which provides the ideal chance of being successful.

‘ Valley of the Gods’ obtains a thumbs up as well as 4 stars.

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