When Steven Bartlett first appeared on Dragons Den, I would like to know his tale …

Not the little bit concerning him being a multi-millionaire at 27 after floating his firm on the London Stock Exchange for a pair of hundred million dollars.

His actual story. How did he become the individual he is today? What drove him on be so effective? Why did he do what he did?

His book ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’ was a surprise however, and absolutely nothing like I would certainly expected.
Bartlett thought all he ever before desired was to be rich, and this alone would supply all the response to having a fulfilled life.

For him, it really did not work out this way, as when the money came, he still wasn’t happy or satisfied.
The years previously he would certainly focused all his time on constructing a wonderful company, leaving no time at all for connections or any type of real social life. In the long run leaving him questioning what’s more vital.

It’s an intriguing read as well as the reverse of what I anticipated. Yes, Bartlett enters into some detail regarding the difficulties he experienced maturing, however it’s no memoir.

Guide inquiries the way he lived his life, with Bartlett suggesting he obtained a lot of things wrong, describing things which he thinks would certainly have made him a much better person during this time.

Bartlett is stated to be a deep thinker, which encounters in the way he’s approached this subject, and it’s left me with some unanswered questions about exactly how I’m living my very own life.

‘ Happy Sexy Millionaire’ obtains a thumbs up with 4 stars

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