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Have you ever wondered, how some people have the knack of coming up with great ideas & go on to create companies that become fantastical?

I’m talking about companies like Under Armour, Spanx, Airbnb, Apple, Pixar, PayPal, Tesla, eBay & others. With many of their founders (like Elon Musk & Steve Jobs) becoming serial successes.

Amy Wilkinson did & travelled the country to interview 200 leading entrepreneurs, who had started companies that generate more $100 million in annual sales.

Amy interviewed creators in technology, retail, energy, health, media, mobile applications, biotechnology, real estate, travel & hospitality. Some of which created over $1 billion in sales.

Without exception, the creators described their work as doing something much more than making money. They wanted to make their own mark on the world.

Amy found a code linking these creators together, which she believes are the skills that make them so successful. Amy also believes this code can be learned, practised & passed on.

‘The Creators Code’ is this blueprint to success.

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Amy has very cleverly broken down the approach taken by these top creators into 6 essential skills, making each one a chapter in the book.

She then uses the creator’s own stories to show how they applied each of the skills in their own journey’s. Making the book a great read, which is very hard to put down.

It’s a fascinating read & provided valuable information into how the mind of a top entrepreneur is wired. This is a must read for anyone who wants to make their business idea a success.

‘The Creators Code’ gets a thumbs up & 5 stars.

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