Patrick Bet-David has an amazing story…

Aged 10 his parents fled Iran for the U.S. as refugees during the Iranian revolution.

Growing up in a foreign country was tough, and with Patrick never obtaining a college degree, he joined the U.S. military, serving in the 101st Airborne.

On leaving the army he went on to selling health club memberships, leaving because his bosses failed to deliver against their promises for his exceptional results.

This led Patrick to pursue a career in finance, launching PHP Agency Inc, an insurance sales, marketing, and distribution company before turning 30.

Since then, he’s founded the leading YouTube channel for entrepreneurs, @Valuetainment , which now has a massive 3 million subscribers.

His book ‘Your Next Five Moves’ isn’t his autobiography as such (although it covers some of his life), it’s really about how he’s succeeded in business.

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It Likens building a business to a chess Grandmaster, who’s strategy involves planning 5 or more moves ahead.

Interestingly, Patrick wasn’t much interested in business until aged 26, when an unfortunate family event focused his mind, leading him to study over 1,500 business related books.

In his own book, he shares with you the learnings he took from amassing such knowledge, and how he’s implemented it into his own ventures, through his five move model.

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