‘Jim Henson’s The Author: The Novelization’ – Fantasy Book Review – Friday Fantasy Program – Episode 170.

The Bottled Imp settles by the fire to listen to ‘Jim’s Henson’s The Storyteller: The Novelization’ composed by Anthony Mingella with pictures from Hannah Christenson as well as Eva Eskelinen. This edition released in 2014 by Archaia.

When I was a child, I enjoyed ‘Jim Henson’s The Storyteller’ television program. Developed by the Muppet legend Jim Henson, the film writer for the series was Anthony Minghella that went onto to compose the Oscar winning hits ‘The English Patient’ and also ‘The Talented Mr Ripley’.

When I was studying for our review of the TV program I discovered they had actually released all 9 tales and also I knew I needed to read them.

All the stories are based on traditional fairy as well as individual tales from numerous countries consisting of Germany, Ireland, Russia, as well as Scandinavia. Henson claimed of fairy stories, “I believe they have a whole lot to state, and the tales have a whole lot of substance, they benefit today day.”

The 9 stories are:

The Three Ravens,
Hans my Hedgehog,
The Solider as well as Death,
The Luck Child,
Truth Bride,
The Heartless Giant,
A Short Story.

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