Hi everyone! Today’s video clip is, without a doubt, the longest as well as most ambitious video clip I’ve done on my network. I’ve seen a few booktubers do this type of video clip, and I wished to try it. My video, nonetheless, will certainly be especially satisfied dream publications. Here it is, 100 Specific Fantasy Books Recommendations Based On Your Specific Request!

Thank you so much to my customers as well as all of you involved in the process of making this video clip. I really hope all of you enjoying this will certainly find this video clip useful.

0:00 Intro & Disclaimers
1:54 Requests 1-10
7:19 Requests 11-20
12:50 Requests 21-30
19:21 Requests 31-40
25:47 Requests 41-50
32:02 Intermission
32:20 Requests 51-60
39:26 Requests 61-70
45:39 Requests 71-80
50:12 Requests 81-90
55:45 Requests 91-100
01:01:32 Closing

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Stinson – Reed Mathis

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