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I’m back with the MM romance book tag! As you know, I’m obsessed with mm romance so I thought I’d give this tag a go. I cover my favourite books, tropes and books that were a no go for me.

Hope you enjoy!

If you have any recs please let me know 💕📚

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Tag Question

1. What was the first MM romance novel that you read?
2. Which book/series have you reread the most?
3. What is a book/series that you hate, but other people love?
4. A book that made you sob.
5. A book that you didn’t expect to like, but ended up loving.
6. A series that you won’t be finishing.
7. A trope that you don’t like reading about.
8. A series you have yet to finish.
9. A trope you didn’t think you’d like, but actually do.
10. An author you just can’t seem to get into.
BONUS QUESTION #1. A book that isn’t raved about, but that you think people should read.
BONUS QUESTION #2. What is your favourite MM romance of all time?

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