Slob and The Slob are two extreme or splatterpunk horror books published at either end of the subgenre’s timeline. There is a lot to say about these two extreme books that clearly come from two ends of the splatter spectrum!

The Slob by Aron Beauregard from 2021
Slob by Rex Miller in 1986

Note that Slob is not easy to find. I was lucky to find one for under 10 dollars at Thrift Books.

Both have elements of extreme, dark, and gory horror fiction. Your content advisory of choice can guide you past brutal scenes, bodily violence, gender-based violence, morally questionable ideas, and elements often found in very dark horror.

00:00 – Slob and The Slob – Extreme and Splatterpunk horror
00:20 – The Slob was a Splatterpunk Award nominee
01:58 – Why talk about both books?
02:18 – Slob was a 1986 Bram Stoker Award winner
04:39 – Differences in writing styles
06:22 – How the gore stacks up
08:15 – Splatterpunk or Extreme? Or both?
09:11 – Have you read either of these books?

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