For my first and perhaps only unboxing video, I present a lot of 25 Richard Laymon books I picked up recently. Alongside #unboxing, I’ll shelve them chronologically. It was an impressive buy, and just good luck! Now, to find the rest of them in the wild…

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0:00 – About unboxing…
1:02 – More mergers & Acquisitions
1:42 – What’s in the Box!
9:09 – Shelving the books
15:25 – Making them fit on the shelf

Also, an addendum to the recent Mergers & Acquisitions ~ I’d forgotten to include WHisper Down the Lane and 12 Nights at Rotter House. Fantastic reading, both!

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Among The Missing
After Midnight
Into The Fire
The Midnight Tour
The Museum Of Horrors
No Sanctuary
Darkness, Tell Us
Blood Games
The Woods Are Dark
The Lake
In The Dark
Come Out Tonight
Dark Mountain
One Rainy Night
Body Rides
The Cellar
The Traveling Vampire Show
To Wake The Dead
Night In The Lonesome October
Endless Night
Resurrection Dreams

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