Book review | តំណក់ទឹកភ្នែកម៉ែ | But Sokheng
Video / September 15, 2020

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Hooked by Nir Eyal | One Minute Book Review
Video / April 16, 2020

Hooked is an in-depth analysis of how to build habit-forming products that allow for customer retention. Following the ‘Hook Model’ consisting of a trigger, action, reward and investment, product forming companies have a model to develop and market in our current system. The book centres on the ‘Hook Model’ explaining in detail how it can apply in the real world and how it has helped companies such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to amass such a large following. It goes onto explain habit forming in more depth developing on the ‘Habit Loop’ made famous by Charles Duhigg. It’s a technical book, explicitly made for product developers, to create and distribute exceptional products. I enjoy reading about habit formation, so this book gave me insights that I didn’t know before. If you have the same curiosity in habit formation, especially in business, then I highly suggest you read this book. I rate it four stars. OMBR Facebook:… Instagram:… Twitter: Soundcloud:… YouTube:… Snapchat: iTunes:… Website:

the 100 dollars Startup Book Review | Chris Guillebeau
Video / November 25, 2019

The $100 start-up by Chris Guillebeau, I’ve read lots of books promising to educate you how to begin a company, however this one was different. ✅2 FREE AUDIOBOOKS✅¬¬¬ So within this video im likely to review 5 from the ideas I discovered within this book and provide everyone a listing of it also. the a hundred dollars startup the review Chris Guillebeau 1. Passion is just 1/three of the equation, additionally you need skills and customers. Story: You will know one friend that visited college to pursue the love without getting any skills inside it, or with no skill finding yourself in demand. Results: They Graduate with education loan debt with no job. How to proceed: You need to make certain You like that which you pick You’re Good at it People covers it Example: A: I really like signing however i most likely i am not good at it, with no you might pay to listen to me sing B: I love Solving business-related problems and im proficient at it, people would purchase my solutions since it will make them more income. 2. If you would like your passion to become greater than a hobby, concentrate on earnings…

EP 469 Book Review Startup Fundraising
Video / October 17, 2019

Air 469 The Review Startup Fundraiser Startup ระดมทุนอย่างไร และนักลงทุนมองอะไรในตัว Startup หนังสือเล่มนี้ให้คำตอบได้ครับ ผมมา review ให้ฟัง เผื่อเป็นประโยชน์ด้วยครับ

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries – Animated Book Review
Video / September 6, 2019

“The Lean Startup: How Today’s Entrepreneurs Use Continuous Innovation to produce Significantly Effective Companies”, compiled by Eric Ries teaches how you can launch an item effectively by creating an MVP. A Small Viable Product will get the merchandise towards the market as quickly as possible to match the quickest alterations in the merchandise therefore it will fit the marketplace better still then sell faster. If you’re debating on launching an item, the methodology from the Lean Startup states to get it done now and prevent waiting. A lot of companies sell products once they think they’re perfect and fail because my own mail the merchandise anyways. Through continuous innovation and validated learning, become familiar with the best way to construct then sell your product or service being an entrepreneur. Animated The Review Playlist: Insta: https://world wide Twitter: Facebook: https://world wide Take a look at MY Passive Earnings Ebook: