Episode 128: ‘Ronia: The Robber’s Daughter’ by Astrid Lindgren – Fantasy Book Review
The Bottled Imp wanders through the enchanted forest seeking ‘Ronia: The Robber’s Daughter’ by Astrid Lindgren. Released in 1981 in Sweden as well as in 1983 in the UK.

When Julian as well as I first established The Bottled Imp, I was looking the old web for ideal dream to review. ‘Ronia: The Robber’s Daughter’ stood out up. I was fascinated by the book. I would certainly declined it, yet it appeared to be popular. There had been an online activity 1984 film guided by Tage Danielsson and also a lot more just recently Amazon Prime have actually revealed the Studio Ghibli television collection adaptation. I intended to read the sauce material. I did.

The tale is set in medieval Scandinavian country and follows Ronia, who is born on a rainy night. Lighting strikes her residence, a deserted castle currently taken over by her daddy, Matt, who is a burglar Chieftain, and also his band of robbers.

Unbeknown to Matt, is Borka has actually a boy called Birk. Ronia as well as Birk fulfill for the very first time and also she takes an instantaneous disapproval to him. He is the kid of Borka! Overtime Ronia’s opinion of Birk sweetens as he proves himself a faithful pal as well as a kind person. Yet when Matt discovers out regarding their friendship, he is not pleased and also triggers outcry. Ronia and Birk can no more be close friends, unless they do something drastic. Like escape …


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Offered by Ken Boyter

Produced & Directed by Julian Newman Turner

Music by Greg Breden

Art Work by Richard Nairn

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