Hi! My name is Evan, I’m a company owner and business owner that enjoys to educate.
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Hi! my name is Evan and I’m extremely stoked you wish to find out more concerning me!

I show individuals just how to build their organizations. I find out a skill, test it with my own business as well as share it!

I got my begin by marketing CDs at 13 years of ages. I’ve worked as a fry chef, I’ve trimmed yards, developed go-peds, managed restaurants, sold mortgages, worked in Hollywood, and also rested at a desk. I’ve cold-called, done visuals layout, battered sidewalk, traded crypto, and also worked with a rescue.

I finally settled and dedicated my life to ending up being a firefighter in my very early 20’s. It took me 5 years of training, fire academies, as well as paramedic school to finally land that job.

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I invested 8 years of my life answering 911 calls. Currently I obtain to pursue my actual interest, which is constructing organizations and informing.

My initial successful business is called Scorch Marker.

I was developing a commemorative plaque for the fire department in my woodshop and also frantically wished to burn our slogan “with each other in, with each other out” right into the timber. I drew out my wood-burning tool, plugged it into the wall surface, and also screwed the entire point up!

We developed a chemical remedy that reacts with heat. You apply the liquid to wood, apply heat, and also the wood burns just where you drew! We developed the world’s very first wood-burning marker– Scorch Marker.

Little did we understand that this was the beginning of something big. We consented to spend $500 of our financial savings to see if we can transform the concept right into an item. 2 years later and also we got involved in retail, ended up being a bestseller on Amazon, created tasks, as well as made a great deal of blunders.

It’s the mistakes that are important. Those are the valuable, teachable minutes that doers reach delight in and learn from. They make you more powerful.

Building, keeping, scaling, running, or taking care of a service is hard. Yet it can be done!

That’s why I’m here. To teach what I’ve discovered so you don’t need to make the very same blunders that I did!

I speak about 3 important things:


Can’t wait to listen to from you!



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