The Bottled Imp – Episode 086
The Bottled Rascal takes an appearance at the launching novel ‘The Guardians of Light’ by James West, self-published in 2014.

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Matt Lumen has actually neglected that he is. He has no recollection of his past and this undoubtedly is stressing. He doesn’t understand whom his family are, where he was born or without a doubt what his life was like before he lost his memory.

Now living in a foster house for kids, Matt and also his finest buddy Chase Falcoon, have an uncommon experience. Shaken and panicked, Matt and Chase locate themselves satisfying Matt’s ‘family’.

‘ The Guardians of Light’ by James West is the first self-published novel The Bottled Imp has actually assessed. Constantly one to maintain an open mind, I examined this novel with the very same, honest and also thoughtful way I evaluate books released by authors. The reason that I claim this is the simple fact that a self-published novel may not necessarily have actually experienced all the high quality filters that a posting residence will provide as well as a result the standard of the work perhaps below what is expected.

With the increase of the internet and electronic printing it’s excellent that so many people can put their job out there for people to review. The downside is not everybody can compose. That said, I’ve reviewed awful publications that have actually been published by big posting residence so I’m sure there are a lot of treasures concealed away in the globe of the self-published realm.

The Bottled Imp
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Provided by Ken Boyter

Produced & Directed by Julian Newman Turner

Songs by Greg Breden

Art Work by Richard Nairn

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