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Product-Led Onboarding | How to Turn New Users into Lifelong Customers by Wes Bush and Ramli John. How to develop a product, value chain of product development.

The audio is from get abstract; compressed knowledge.
Here are key takeaways:

Takeaway 1: Improving user onboarding requires understanding what it is – and why it’s key to corporate growth.
Takeaway 2: Facilitating users’ perception, experience, and adoption of a product’s value helps with long-term retention, revenue, and profitability.
Takeaway 3: Improving onboarding has many challenges – but a united team can overcome them.
Takeaway 4: The “EUREKA framework” will shorten companies’ “time-to-value” and increase the number of new users successfully onboarded to their products.
Takeaway 5: Identifying and refining onboarding success milestones are vital to a successful experience.
Takeaway 6: The secret to improving onboarding lies in analyzing results, making quick changes, and doing it all again.
Takeaway 7: Don’t overlook the role salespeople might play in achieving optimal user onboarding.

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